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How often do you stretch?

How often do you stretch?

My routine is generally three to four times a week, 30-40 minutes each which also includes JAI stretches.

My question is this: Is it okay to stretch continuously, seven days a week throughout the day? Is this too much. I’ve read about people stretching every private moment they get, like at the bathroom at work or whatever. Should stretching be looked at as a different routine than jelqing when it comes to rest?

I would appreciate all your replies.


how much stretching

From what I have seen, and from my limited experience stretching is different than jelqing, squeezes, etc. Most people (myself included) try to keep things in a “condition of fatigue” when stretching, for example by using the ADS (all day stretcher) after a good hanging or strecthing session. 2in2002, has posted that he has hung weights almost all day long - dropping in weight as he went along. You may want to do a search for his post. I think it was called “lig pop at 2.5 lbs” or something like that.

On the other hand when jelqing and squeezing you are bursting tiny blood pockets in the spongy tissue of the corpus cavernosa. It seems most folks recommend resting every other day or every third day when doing this to allow the tissue to recover.

When stretching ligs and skin, I personally dont think rest is as important. I would recommend doing a search - there are a ton of posts on this subject.

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Good question- I think it varies from person to person. I stretch every time I go to the bathroom. I don’t do much, just pull it out and do a few rotations- but I have read where guys will take 1 or 2 minutes and do a semi-serious stretch evey time they go to the bathroom. As izzizzi said, there is a lot of info on stretching- as it is one of the few exercises that almost everyone does regardless of the ‘main’ type of PE they choose :)

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Thanks, to both Izzizzi and 2in2002.

I was wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind posting what your stretching routine consists of.

Thanks again.

I stretch 5 days in the week, 1-2 20 min static stretching sessions (regaining circulation every 3-5 mins) with a 5 min hot wrap before and after.


Sorry for the delay in getting to this post…

I actually don’t do many manual stretches. Right now I am hanging (which is just another form of stretching) I am trying to hang up to 15-20 minutes 3x a day. I only time I manual stretch is when I can’t hang for some reason. Then about the same, 15-20 minutes.

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