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How often do you stretch a day?

How often do you stretch a day?

How often do you stretch a day? Once, twice? And what exercise do you use? I’ve been doing DLD blasters twice a day. In the morning and at night for 30 minutes. You think that’s a good idea? Or should I do it just once a day? I don’t know if I’m letting my ligs heal.


You don’t want your ligs to completely heal. If you can keep them in a controlled state of damage, then you can get the growth that you are after. I stretch at least twice a day in addition to my hanging.

BTW - if you are not doing the Improved Blasters (with a twist) you are missing a tremendous lig stretching exercise.

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So you have noticed more gains stretching twice a day than once a day because you are not letting the ligs heal. Interesting. I guess I’m in the right track. Anyone else would like to comment?

How about stretching on days off? Is that a good idea?

I stretch every day. Even a little more when I’m not hanging.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hi guys, good to see a current thread on some of the basics. I am easing back into my PE, after 2 months off, with nothing but stretching. I am doing everything from my AIs all through out the day to my version of the 360 twist cock bracelet. (good practice: anyone that can’t figure that one out do a search for “dick bracelet or cock bracelet”.

More than one session per day is definitely the way to go. If you are doing DLD blasters 2 times per day and your dick is OK, good job. I would even go ahead and stretch a minute or two every time you change clothing, shower, take a dump, etc.

We have plenty of data of what works and doesn’t work by now. IMO the jury is no longer out on frequent stretching/hanging and promoting growth through not letting the ligs heal completely.

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Iamaru, do you stretch twice a day also on days off?

Currently doing nothing but stretching, with no days off. I do NOT want any more girth.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

i strech everyday…even if its only for 5 minutes every little bit helps

I also try to stretch every day (a minute here and there), even if I don’t count it to my routine. Probably that wont give me much erect gains, but it makes me feel more confident, because of better flaccid hang going on all day long… :D Keeping the ligs soft…

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I read something on some other recent thread about overtraining the penis and pc muscle with too much stretching/jelqing each day.

Do you all really believe there is a benefit to manually stretching twice a day or can this be too much for some?

My second question is obviously going to be how do you figure out when too much is too much?

I workout in general, and when I lift too much and overtrain one day, that muscle that I overtrained is not only in a painful state the entire next day, but when I come back to the gym to work on that muscle the next time, I can’t lift as much and sometimes I feel as if I’ve detracted muscle growth instead.

But this is a penis we’re talking about here. I have read (though not necessarily believed) that overtraining with regards to PE can actually result in cutting away from your gains. I mean doing Blasters (the current manual stretching exercise I’m devoted to) twice a day sounds kind of brutal for me, considering one set of 50 of them a day already puts my dick into fatigue..

Re: Mike

Originally posted by jelktoid
You don't want your ligs to completely heal. If you can keep them in a controlled state of damage, then you can get the growth that you are after.

This sounds very reasonable to me. It could also help explain why after hanging a little at my very start and then stopping for weeks it was much harder for me to get a good stretch. Maybe I just made my ligs stronger from letting them heal before real growth ocurred. Any further comments on this?

As I recently posted on I’ve started doing DLD blasters not twice, but three times a day. My ligs do not get sore like other people say. Just a little tension but then it goes away in 1 second. My penis is a very, very tough SOB. It can take a lot of abuse. I do it differently than what DLD says, I hold each A-stretch anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute. I do this about ten times. After 10-15 minutes I do regular stretches. Strething all sides of my penis. This lasts about 15 minutes. I also stretch 100% erect. I do not recommend anyone doing what I do, because you might break your ligs.

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