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How often do you clamp?

How often do you clamp?

I’d like to be able to clamp several times/day but sometimes I’m only able to clamp once in a day. How about the rest of you clampers out there? Also, how tight do all of you set the clamp?

I’m trying a new routine where I clamp almost continuously for the 12 hour shifts I’m working. I’m on a temporary assignment that requires me to be sitting at my desk most of my waking hours, so I’m cashing in on the time to try this, and I will let the forum know how it goes. I clamp with one Cable Clamp clicked to the tightest notch over a 7” long neoprene strip(mouse-pad) cut to exactly the width of the clamp, clamped as close to the skin as possible so that my entire dick is engorged except for the small area beneath the clamp which is burred in my fat-pad. I clamp for 10 minutes and rest fot 10. Ten on ten off, using an egg timer to remind me to pop the clamp. When my skin gets too sore to hold the 10 minute clamp I’ll take a break, massage with lube till the soreness subsides then continue with the sets. If I have to get up from my desk for anything I’ll pop the clamp and slip on a large PE WEIGHT which holds the engorgement for the time I’m on my feet. As soon as I’m back at my desk I clamp up another X-Uli. At the end of the day I’ll spend about an hour pumping with two different size tubes before going to bed and sleep in eithern a gentle traction wrap or in sleeping Fowfers.

I do not, however, recommend any of this for you, andgrowing. Your join date is Feb. 05, so you probably shouldn’t be clamping at all. Unless you have been conditioning your dick for a long time before you joined T’s place you should be sticking with the newbie routine. It is real easy to hurt yourself with these clamps, so use caution.


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