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How much time investment?

How much time investment?

I am new to this whole PE thing. I mean I tried it once, jelqing 20 minutes a day for a few weeks and maybe gained .2 inches in length. Nothing really noticeable.

I want to get started again, but my question is how much time do I have to invest? I mean I know results are different for different people, but I have a LOT of stuff going on in my life. I work out regularly, I have tons of work at college, and I have a lot of outside things I do.

My point is, one hour a day is a LOT for me. Anything longer than that and I don’t think I will even start. I mean I am at 6.3/5 which is at least average, so I am not desperate. But I want to start.

Question is, how much time a day should I invest to give myself a good chance of gaining an inch in 4 or 5 months?

Also, my dick lasts a long time in bed. I do not want to become more insensitive, but I did notice some loss of sensitivity after my last stint.

Any general ideas/comments? Thanks SO MUCH.

This depends on just how bad do you want it. If you want it really bad, you can find the time to do PE, whether it might mean waking up an extra 1/2 hour early, or, if you aren’t able to do something like this, like devoting a whole block of time to do a session, then maybe splitting your routine up into sub-routines of 5 or 10 or even 15 minutes throughout the day could work for you.

Just make sure that whatever way that you find to do PE, that you do it with an effort of intensity, rather than just going through the motions of the exercises. Get your bang for the buck, if you know what I mean!

Time management for some people is a lot of hard work. However, for some people, they have this innate ability to plan everyday’s activities to the “t” and still have time left over in the day to kick the dog around a little.

Have a look at your daily activities, and see if you can organize your time effectively to include a session of PE.

For example, if you watch an hour of television a night, cut it back by a half hour and use this time for PE instead.

PE is worth the time, though!


Hello, Esc
Nobody knows how long it will take to gain an inch. I believe for most people this is common. However, it is different for everybody on how much they will gain in a given amount of time, so you’ll have to take the long road and just stick to it.
A good work out does take 1 hour (maybe a bit less)
you can jelq for 30-40 minutes and 10-20 minutes for stretching.
Over time if you are not gaining you will have to increase your intensity or even increase your sets but nothing is for sure, you’ll have to find out on your own. I would do the excersizes 5 days on and 2 days off resting.
Pretty much PE on weekdays on rest on weekends.

Also concerning about your member becoming insensitive, you may have put a little too much pressure. Since you just started you should start slow and gradually increase the intensity. Also it could be that your member is just adjusting to it and it will get better. Jelqing can only improve your member not have any negative effects unless you are doing something wrong. You should consult with the members of this forum if you have any trouble. Good luck.

I found that getting up an hour earlier works for me. I do a 2on/1off routine, so it only amounts to 5-6 hours a week. I’d say keep track of everything you do for a week, and you’ll realize how much extra time you really have.

The first month to six weeks or so was pretty brutal on my member: soreness, weak erections, etc. You have to realize you’re putting it through workouts that it’s never had before and it just has to adjust.

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