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How much pain is too little pain?


It seems to me that some guys report what they call slight “aching” and still gain. Like when you have a lot of sex and it feels fatigued and aches. Many more seem to report no pain and get gains.

I have not read that “stinging, burning sharp pain”, etc. are associated with gaining.

In my very humble opinion, you are doing 2 things: 1. Toughening your penis to the point where no gains will be possible, and that is if you are fortunate enough to not 2. Damage your penis to the point where it won’t work anymore.

But that is just my opinion. Do you get any gains doing it the way you describe?

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Originally Posted by Mr. F
That’s how I’ve always felt about it. I’m just wondering if there’s a consensus on this.

When I used to hang I incrementally worked up to the most weight I could hang without it becoming unbearable pain by the end of the set. I’d aim to finish the set and detach everything before I hit the point of unbearable pain. It probably sounds like a stupid question but is that too much ‘pain’?

Are ligs that sting when you pull on your pecker at the end of the day an indication of overwork?

Is that kind of ‘overwork’ really that bad? Will it really stop you gaining?

I think it’s very hard to compare penis with other parts of the body. And I’m still not sure if you mean discomfort or pain. To me they are very different things.

When I do pullups or chinups, at the end when I’m fatiguing I feel HEAVY discomfort, some might call it pain, but I don’t think it’s pain. You aren’t in danger of injury you are just highly uncomfortable. When you stretch and touch your toes your in discomfort and if you held it for 30 seconds, some might call it pain. But it’s still just discomfort. Your leg isn’t about to fall off or anything. I guess it comes down to willpower for how long you can handle the discomfort.

When your big toenail gets ripped off (happened to me a few months ago) or someone punches you in a bruise. That’s pain.

In my opinion if you feel pain, stop the PE immediately. Something is very wrong.

If you feel discomfort, tolerate as much as you wish to. Some have higher tolerance then others. But if you hang a car off your dick, it’s only a matter of time before it snaps off and blood squirts everywhere and that woulnd’t be discomfort anymore, that would be pain. :D

When I’m stretching hard, I sometimes feel discomfort but I know there is never any danger of anything bad happening. And it’s only minor discomfort. I’ve never hung heavy weights though. The hardest thing about heavy weights (I’d imagine) is attaching the weights in a comfortable way. The more weight you add, the more pressure would be put on that attaching point.

I use a bib original and where I connect the hanger is where I get the pain it is my skin I think. During the first set when I apply the weight and the hanger pulls down it can get pretty intense but then I am fine after a short while.

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Thanks for all the responses guys. I think I’ve got a better idea of what I should be aiming for now.

Ok, well I don’t want to screw this up for you, but I think I have basically the opposite opinion of what seems to be the consensus here (although I admit I didn’t read much of the other posts).

For me, some pain seems to be basically necessary for me to gain. I’m talking about pain DURING my exercises though, not afterwards. My ulis, orange bends, tunica tugs, and clamping all produce some sort of pain for me while I do them. To me it’s a good pain though. It just feels to me like my tunica is really getting a good stretching.

This sometimes results in a very very minor pain the next day, but it’s rare and barely noticeable. I remember when I stretched my ligs though that they would actually be decently sore after or the next day, which I thought was a good sign of stretching.

Two things I hadn’t realised:

1. How much conditioning you have to do as a newbie.

2. How much I had toughened my unit through hanging.

I have to go along with Mick, even though it seems from my post that I do not. It all comes down to something that is very hard to describe.

I now often have an aching feeling, both during a workout, and after. But I get scared when there is anything that could be described as burning, sharp pains, etc. It’s kind of instinctual. When you are exercising some other part of your body, you have an innate talent at knowing if that particular feeling is bad, or just part of the exercise process. If you feel a sharp pain in a muscle, you know right away that is bad. If you have some aching, you know that is probably o.k.

For me it’s the same with the penis. A low to moderate level aching is no worries, anything else, whoa!

I have gained a fair amount while in the zone of no aching however, no pain or aching. It could be that working out into the aching results in tissue toughening, and reduces my overall gain potential, I really don’t know.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

True, you can basically tell whether it’s good or bad pain. Just instintual like you say I guess.

I have had bad pain too, and then yes, you should stop.

I think I’ve found the limit. I’ve found a point, after jelqing and stretching, when I’m pumping, the fatigued feeling turns into a burning and the pull turns into pain.

My current routine is 10 minutes jelqing, 5mins stretching, 3 sets clamping, 3 sets pumping (15 mins at 4 to 5 hg). That’s about as much as my dick can take at the moment. I guess that’s a good thing, since I don’t want to increase at all as long as the gains keep coming (who wants to P.E. all day?)

When I was trying for the hanging sweet-spot I’d hang pretty much regardless of burning or even minor pain as long as it was physically bearable. Now I think that that was probably the wrong thing to do. I’m not sure how those old time hanging guys managed to hang the huge weights they were claiming, I broke my hanger trying to hang less than half that.

I think it’s really down to effort over time. Do as much as it can stand and stop for the day. If you have to increase your routine to twice as much it may very well mean that each exercise is probably only half as effective as when you started.


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