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How much difference in length is your BP from your NBP?

Mine is about 0.5 inche

When wowen are looking at our lenght, in what way are they considering the lenght ? BP ou NBP ?

In other words, if you’re telling your girlfriend how long is your dick, you’ll told her BP ou NBP ?

Starting at : (19/05/03) BPEL : 6.75 EG : 5.5 Now : BPEL : 7.125 EG : 5.5

They look at what they can see! :) They can’t see what’s under your fat pad or inside of your body.

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My BPEL and NBPEL are quite the same. It only differs plus minus 0.1-0.2”, and I prefer to tell my BPEL as all studies and so on are measured that way…

Restarting everything.

Yohimburn, you could also use cutting gel, used for the same thing.


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About 3/4”. Im 8” bp, 7.2” nbp.

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

I’ve been meaning to do a post on this. I don’t really understand NBP. Are you not supposed to use even the slightest pressure? If I don’t, mine varies by an inch, but I’m not at all fat. With a little bit of pressure, it varies by 0.5”.

Mine’s about .75 inch. Better now that I have lost 20 pounds on the Atkins Diet. Its been very easy to lose weight with this. Eggs and bacon, steak and cheese. I think I can post a link as there is nothing you need to buy. Go here and read the Rules of Induction

Grower: Atkins Diet…sounded really good to me, at least when I heard that you could eat all the calories and meat you want, because that is what I always believed anyway. But this is one hard diet to stick to. I tried it for a week I think, and I just can’t live without eating bread.

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

It figured that I would have one of the biggest fat pads. As of 06-02-2003 I measured 7 1/2” BP to 6 1/2” very hard To 6 1/4” just hard NBP. I loss gains last month from injury. My FSLBP is 8 1/8”. I lost 15lbs and plan on losing another 15lbs. I’ll let you know how things turn out.

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I have been on Atkins induction for about 18 days and have lost 14 lbs with no problems. It is not a diet, but a way of life. With butter and bacon, I think I can stick to about anything.


my bone pressed is only a little over 1/8” bigger than my no bone pressed measurement. I don’t seem to have any fat there. I think losing weight would definelty make a difference to some of you guys. My length is 6-3/4 inch and I am 5’6” and my dick actually looks pretty big on me. Cant wait till its 8 inches and fat———— :)

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so is PE

14lbs in 18 days? Holy shit Bib! I’ve been meaning to start Atkin’s but keep coming up with reasons to put it off, but I think you just motivated me to pour out the rest of my Coke and drink some water.


I hope this posting is ok in main, but it does relate to BP vs NBP length, so there.

So far, this Atkins thing is the best thing I have gotten involved in. My wife and I are both changing to an Atkins lifestyle, so that makes it easier.

I have had no problems avoiding sugars, wheat products, potatoes, or other heavy carb foods. I am eating all the meat, fish, eggs, bacon, heavy cream, sour cream, all the stuff that I avoided for years while becoming overweight. The only bitch I have is about stuff to drink. Decaf coffee with Splenda, water, tea with Splenda, water, and then there is water.

I think there should be some kind of massive class action lawsuit against all the dieticians, fast food companies, candy companies etc. I did a lot of research before going on this, and it all makes sense. So far, Atkins premises have proven true for me. I think I can easily live like this for the rest of my life.

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Hey Bigger

How’s my favorite Bib Hanger builder? Hey, I thought I’d ask you if you knew what your cholesterol level was prior to starting the Atkins diet? I would be curious to see if it goes up or down as you drop weight.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

!/2 inch difference between pressed and non-pressed for me.


It’s so easy for me to lose weight on the atkins diet. I never have to struggle with hunger, because I can still eat like a pig (just no carbs). I went to the 40-30-30 Balance plan (Berry Sears) for maintenance.


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