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How many use Eroset's Oil

How many use Eroset's Oil

I’m asking because I use it on and off but I don’t like it really makes a difference, so I was wondering whether it has made a difference for anyone that use it.

I use it,primarily as a jelq lube.I did use it to treat a lymph blockage though and I have to say it worked very well.The advantage I see in jelqing with it is,it opens up the veins and allows better blood flow,at least for me.and in this game it’s all about good circulation.I also feel it soothes my unit when I’ve been too hard on it PE wise.

I have used it once.I too didn’t see any difference.

My experience is much like chainz’s. I use it as a jelq lube and it has been great for enhanced blood flow and increased circulation. I used to get occassional bruising and red dot overload, but since I’ve started using EVO my dick is just plump and healthy looking after my sessions, instead of bruised and battered.

I have not used Eroset’s Oil, but I have to say that since I replaced KY with olive oil for lubrication while I jelq, my penis feels much better. I would like to try Eroset’s suggestion (I think it might be better than just olive oil) but it is hard for me to find the components.

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