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How Many Seconds For Kegels


How Many Seconds For Kegels

Hi, Hope you guys can help me out with a Kegel question..

How many seconds is it best to hold a kegel for?

Does it depend on the exercise?

Whats the more important regarding blood flow; squeezing harder or holding it for longer?


Bpfl: 11.2 Cm / 4.4" X Fg: 9.5 Cm / 3.75"

Bpel: 17 Cm / 6.69" X Eg: 11.3 Cm / 4.44"

The PC is a muscle, it will react in the way you exercise it:

- if you do short hold, you will tend to gain more resistance.
- if you do longer holds, you will tend to gain more endurance.
- if you do harder holds. you will tend to gain more strength

I think it is good to have differents kind of approach, so it can have resistance, endurance and strength, because they are all important.

Dafranca, what sort of holds do you do whilst jelqing?


Bpfl: 11.2 Cm / 4.4" X Fg: 9.5 Cm / 3.75"

Bpel: 17 Cm / 6.69" X Eg: 11.3 Cm / 4.44"


While I am jelq I don’t hold my PC, unless I don’t enouth(50%-90%) hardness for a good jelquing then I would hold strong to drain blood to the cock before I grab my hend on the base of the cock to start a squeeze with enouth blood.

For every 5-10min that I jelq, I rest my cock by holding as long(2-5min) and as hard as I can! I also hold my PC when ever I can… driving, studying, watch TV, resting, talking on the fone, on a line, etc…

I only do short holds and I do it alot everyday. It improves my stamina alot.

what the hell is resistance? Resistance to what? And strength? What is it holding?

Surely stamina is the only thing it builds?

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7"would be heaven, 8"would be great, 9" would be damn fine!

Originally Posted by UK Shy Guy
what the hell is resistance?

Resistance is the ability to withstand adverse conditions. Resistance training has long been the key to building muscles quicker and stronger. Resistance is defined as “an opposing force”. Thousands of athletes around the world go to gyms and engage in resistance training. For them, the resistance they need to build their muscles may come from many different sources, including the use of: barbells, dumbbells, free-weights, machines, and other various pieces of equipment that will supply an opposing force to the muscle groups they are training. If people went to gyms to gain muscle strength but never engaged in resistance training, they would achieve little or no results.

Originally Posted by UK Shy Guy
Surely stamina is the only thing it builds?

NO, just as working out your biceps will give you better definition and more strength, the PC muscle can help you strengthen and better define your erections and orgasms. After several weeks you should notice a higher erection angle, increased ejaculation distance and volume.

Strong PC muscles can make for stronger sensations during arousal and orgasm. Squeezing well toned PC muscles during sex can bring many women to orgasm and increase men’s performance in the sack!

dafranca where can i get more info on kegal exercises? Im new to this site and theres no search button so i don’t know where to start. Im looking for a begginer routine for length and girth but also some kegal incorporated into it. Can you point me in the direction to where i can get this done?

I’ve never been able to stick to a kegel routine, I forget, and also they’re no fun!

In the past I’ve given it a go and got some ridiculously long ejaculation distance, but I’m not convinced it can help with erection strength.

All I need is Westla to tell me just once more that it would work. :D

How do I do the pcflex exercise?

I don’t quite get how to do the pcflex exercise.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Search button is top right corner of every page.

The link to salvation for those who don’t know how to kegel.

lol i just figured it out now.. im at univeristy and our internet has been messed up. There was never no search and quick links button b4. thanks though

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