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How many men do PE?


“How many men PE?” I would say more than most people think but not as many as could benefit from it.

Regarding some of the posted estimates: I think that we don’t always remember that in the world, there are millions of people alive today that have never seen TV or a computer. As fas as the 25% estimate, I’d guess that to be a little high as well.

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

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If word got out about the wonders of PE and the new average rose to 8x6, the push to increase our sizes further would trail off quickly. The power of a big dick does not derive from its being exceptional, but from the heightened response it seems to produce in women both visually and sexually. There is an ideal size range for a majority of women. Period. Once this is reached, a law of diminishing returns kicks in, and those gasps of ecstasy turn into shrieks of physical anguish. If 8X6 became the new norm, we’d find other outlets to compete for women’s favour. At least those with any brains would.
Obviously, we’d continue with a maintenance routine.

The chief obstacle to widespread belief in PE is paysites. Once a fee is required, people’s bullshit radar turns on.

Research on PE will always be difficult, as the secrecy and shame of it will discourage the quantity of volunteers needed to conduct a proper scientific study from coming forward.

How many people know that PE actually works? I doubt its much greater than the number of members who subscribe to all PE sites floating around on the net combined. Christ, even those brave enough to log on, still ask the obligatory Newbie question, “does this stuff really work?” There are disbelievers in our very midst. The number of naysayers outside of our community is most likely gargantuan.

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Originally Posted by Huff
At least those with any brains would.

Aye, there’s the rub!


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