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How loss occurs

How loss occurs

Since I’ve lost a lot of size and girth through erect jelqing, I was curious how loss happens. My penis used to hang normally now it is very hard and rigid and smaller. When it does hang out, it is way too loose. When I used to get aroused blood would immediately rush to my penis. Now, it seems like blood takes its time getting down there.

If I have lost size and girth is this due to shrinking of corposa cavernosa? The urologist said nothing was wrong and that I was just paranoid. I’ve know I’ve lost size and I’m while I’m letting it heal itself, I want to figure out how damage occured.

Any ideas?

I don’t know exactly how loss occurs, but it has been my experience, that when you damage your cock, it tends to retreat. I also believe that you will not make gains by continually exercising to the extremes to cause this damage.

When you cock becomes fully healed, I think your normal size and function will be restored. Don’t worry too much about it, because your paranoid thought patterns can affect the way it hangs and responds to stimuli.

So take it easy and when you do start PE again, exercise with patience and moderation. This is not a race. It is more a long term health program that will produce not only a larger cock, but a better functioning cock.

Penis retreat I think is the freaking enemy of PE. I think that if your cock is (extra) flaccid when you go to bed at night, you haven’t been jelqing properly. I have done hard jelqs before, because I thought it was okay (and honestly, jelqing makes me hard, so it was frustrating having to wait until my member went down again!), I can honestly say that they made my penis look and feel smaller. It’d feel a whole 3 inches if that. It’s quit disturbing. I think it’s just the penis going into “safe mode.”

“Hey, r.a.g., you really tortured me, you should stop that and let me alone!”

I have been extra careful this time around to not do hard jelqs, even though the act of jelqing itself has strengthened my erections (and made it all the more difficult!).

A tip, if your guy is retreating too quick, you’re doing something abusive.

When it retreats, do I just leave it alone and hope it hangs normally again?

Hmm, I would recommend stretching it man. Try to do a lig poping stretch, because after one of those my penis sort of goes “whoa, ouch, okay, being good” and doesn’t retreat as quickly, if at all. In fact, I would recommend the stretches anyway. Stretches and kegals will keep your member from retreating so much.

Just my opinion, maybe you should wait for other more experienced PE’ers to chime in.

edit: but jelqing also helps a lot, I have noticed. I think if it’s retreating immediately you’re not jelqing right. :( Anyone else agree?

I STRONGLY doubt that you have lost ANY permanent length or girth. Hate to say it, but I agree with your urologist. Whatever is going on is most surely temporary.

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

Well since it has been this way for almost a whole year now, I think it is permanent. I did erect jelqing only once, but never let it heal properly I fear.

I’m taking a long break (haven’t touched it for two weeks and planning on not touching it until around Thanksgiving). No porn, no PE, no masturbation, no sex, nothing. Hopefully erections will occur naturally then. The inner body of the penis doesn’t feel right and when erect it is not perfectly cylindrical. I’m just curious if the cavernosa has somehow gotten deformed through masturbation while not letting it heal.

Any ideas?

What did you do during erect jelqs to injure yourself?

I was erect fully and I jelqed, my cock retreated. It hasn’t been the same since, much weaker erections and feels very different, and looks very different.

I didn’t let it heal fully by masturbating to compensate for not feeling normal by not having regular strong erections.

What was your erection level when you did these jelqs? About 100% or more around 70%? There’s a big difference in those 2 levels. I’m talking hard when you can’t jelq to aroused but still pliable.

it was very hard and I exerted a lot of force. I figured the harder it felt, the better workout I got. This was almost one year ago exactly. It never really recovered because I would masturbate frequently to not feel so bad about not having a libido.

What damage occurs during erect jelqing? Cavernosa trauma?

Is this irreversible?

Where can I find out about trauma and healing methods?

Check out Injuries / Treatments. I don’t think one time is going to fuck your dick up, man. In fact, I don’t think doing it regularly would fuck it up permanantly. Pain is what you want to look out for. If it hurts too much, you’re doing something wrong. For me jelqing is painless, even though in the end I might be a bit sore. Same with power stretching. Soreness afterward, maybe, but never during.

And this might sound weird, but believe in yourself. Try to just relax. You can consciously keep yourself flaccid if you just believe in it. I’ve done this before (once I had to change in front of some people and I couldn’t get an opportunity to stretch my dick out so it looked bigger, so I relaxed and lo and behold, the guy became 60% erect, but in a very flaccid and relaxed state, so it looked huge).

I know where you’re at though man, my dick would get so tiny it’s not even funny. Hell… the girth pic I have in the pictures forum sort of shows it off. It’s embarrassing, to be sure. But a regular PE regimen should help. I’m already seeing nice flaccid gains.

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