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How long to wait between jelq to clamp

How long to wait between jelq to clamp

Hey guys,

My latest routine has me jelqing for 20ish minutes, then clamping afterwards for 10. But I’m a bit unsure on the time waited between the end of the jelq and the start of the clamp.

It has lately been about 2-5 minutes, but I’m wondering if maybe I should wait longer?

The longer the better? The sooner the better?

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I would say you really don’t have to wait.. Just get a erection from your semi-erection and put on a clamp!

Why would you have to wait?

Nope, no waiting, just jelq then clamp. I think what you might have been worried about was the after clamping, but since you are jelqing new blood into the penis there are no worries.

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