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How long to get an inch?


It varies so greatly for each person.

I’d say I’ve added an inch in 4 months. I cannot believe it myself, but my pictures and the ruler don’t lie!

I’d say I was a quick gainer.

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Is there something similar about girth sizes?

Not quite as pretty, but, yes:


For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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Not quite as pretty, but, yes:


Well all I’ve seen in two months has been firmer erections… No size change whatsoever and I use heat thoroughly

Originally Posted by Razzle Dazzle
Well all I’ve seen in two months has been firmer erections.. No size change whatsoever and I use heat thoroughly

Hey Razzle,

Yours sounds similar to mine, I haven’t PE’d for about 8 months because of a hectic job schedule. But I did start back in the early part of last year and did notice fuller and def rock hard erections. I was just doing the newbie routine and was starting to get the ‘hang’ of it when time constraints got in the way. Stick with it!! I am confident that PE exercises absolutely work. When I start up again, I am doing the newbie routine 6 days/week then after 3 months combining that with a hanging regime. Stick with Razzle, don’t give up!! I’m pissed I had to stop because I am sure I would have cemented some gains by now.

I’ve added an inch BPEL in four months, 1/4” per month. I hope the gains keep coming!

I really wish there was an answer that applied to everyone that does P.E. Like for instance .25” every two months but it all depends on so many factors. Consistency is key that is one thing I know for sure.

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