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How long have you been peing?

How long have you been peing?

This febuary will be my 5th anerverserary of pe. I want to know how long you have done pe and what your thoughts are about it.

I’m on my third year off doing this stuff in various ways. Probably never completely quit. It’s great for the health of your penis. And, I’ll never have to deal with the “normal” attrophy or impotence most other men who don’t do this stuff do! Ha, ha!!!

How long................

over 2.5 years and enjoying it more now than ever. The results from the exercises just push me to continue and besides, as stillwantmore just stated, it keeps the penis in good shape and good health. Why stop if there is no reason to.

Started June of this year so it’s about 6 months for me… I started doing PE for reasons other then size but not am excited about what I could end up with…

Started Oct. 15, not anything strenuous yet, trying to get my penis in shape. My primary reasons are to get better erections and maybe gain a little girth. Hopefully I can reach these objectives, in fact, my erections have improved somewhat in the past week.

Still in the process of reading as much as time permits, I’m a believer in knowing as much as possible about projects and this is a PROJECT!


What I never knew, I never will forget!

I’ve started on the 2nd of Feb. this year, so it’s just over 10 months now.

I’m now on my first ever break from PE. Haven’t done anything for 10 days and starting again tomorrow. I don’t see any reason to stop anytime soon, but I will start taking longer breaks from time to time and give a chance to a more irregular routine.

The only physical downside for me is discoloration, which I’m pretty upset about, but the advantages overweight it.

The mental side is a more complicated issue, obsession and addiction play some part here, but on the whole I feel more secure and knowing I am going to keep on growing gives me a lot of strength, while before even when I was not thinking: “I’m small” it was partly due to suppression.

Roughly 3 years ago is when I first started. I’ve done off and on since then, mostly off. Most of my gains came in the first month, then again a year later in a little over a month doing stuff from Big Al’s site. I started again a few months ago doing much too low intensity to make any gains. After the recent low intensity stretching stuff, I noticed that I had lost some of my length! I’m now a few days into a much more intense jelq+squeeze routine

I think I started the day I found out about the exercises.

One year this week (12/10) anniversary measurements coming up.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Exellent! Im glad to see other vets in here. I consider a year vet status in case you were wondering.


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