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How long does lymph fluid stay for?

How long does lymph fluid stay for?

Ok, I had a great bending session last night… I really bent the shit out of my dick and got some amazing expansion. I got a boner later while lying in bed and grabbed it and it just felt fucking gigantic. I’m assuming that at least part of that size was due to lymph (is that the name of the fluid?) buildup, but I’m not sure. So anyway, I measured again today and I still have a good amount of the gains left, but I’m wondering if any of that is just fluid. Does the fluid go away after a really short period of time or is it still there the next day?

Usually takes 1-2 days for any fluid buildup to go away

Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler
Usually takes 1-2 days for any fluid buildup to go away

Thanks for this :)

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Does lymph ever result in temporarily greater hard girth or are the increases in girth just sorta soft?

For me it feels just like girth just a little spongy. Because of this I can tell whether it’s real or not and I always try to , measure at least 2 days after my last workout

Two days? Shit… I was hoping the extra girth was due more to expansion rather than fluid buildup… it does feel a little bit spongy though.

In my experience most of the lymph build up goes away within two hours. The remaining lymph fluid however, hangs on for 1-2 days.

Liquid c :gulp:

You can also locally compress your dick between your fingers and virtually press the excess tissue fluid back into the blood vessels. This takes only a few minutes, and works best when the edema is more localized. Experiment a little - it works wonders if done correctly.

Physiotherapist do just this in addition to some massage technique - this is called ‘lymph (or lymphatic - don’t know the exact term in english) drainage’.

Later - ttt

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