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How long does it take you to read this all ?

How long does it take you to read this all ?


I’d like to know how long it’s taken you to read this entire thread (including the more links provided with that thread which can be qite lenghty) ?

I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, so this sure doesn’t help, and although I’d started this morning, I found myself progressing at a really slow pace—gee I have to read 2-3 times the same line to make sense of it at times, so this is really counterproductive.

This is disheartening as I’d really like to go through the entire science behind PE thread in at least one day not a week, as I got to work on top of hanging on this forum lol.


When I first joined I felt the same way.

Just take it sloooow and before long you will be able to find your way around.

Start with the the newbie stuff and remember, this is a long term investment.

good luck

Sometime in 2005: Bpel 5.7, eg 4.3: 7/15/07 bpel=6.1, eg 4.6

Now bpel 6.50, eg 5.30 bpfsl 6.50

Goal bpel 7.0 - 7.5, eg 5.5

I’ve said it before-it’s not a contest or a race (at least for me). It’s a journey. There’s no timetable or schedule because we all gain at different rates. For example, girth gains have come pretty rapidly for me, but it seems like length comes pretty hard. I’m just glad for any improvement and I’m enjoying the journey. Good luck. Proceed at your own pace.

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What I implied is that I’d want to know all science behind PE and then start (already I’ve already started). First stage for this is to go through the link I posted where pretty much all there is to know is shown.

I’ve been trudging through that thread since I started. A lot of it is written in academese so sometimes a single sentence does need to be worked through. Just take it a little bit at a time. I don’t think I have ADHD but I know if I tried to read that thread in a day I would forget most of it and the rest would seem irrelevant.

Just read one article, or even just the summary, and think about it through the day. Come back to it from time to time. Sit back and think about how the article compares with your own experiences. That’s the most important thing: how this information applies to you.

P.S. The thread you linked is to a “Members Needed!” thread. Was it supposed to be the Science of PE article?

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


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