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How long do you stay with a routine

How long do you stay with a routine

I keep hearing that you have to keep your dick guessing, but how long do you stick with a routine before you determine it is not producing gains?

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If you are getting sore, in a positive way, I do not change a thing unless gains totally halt. Hanging is an easier way to judge the sore thing compared to stretching though.

Several months in my opinion. You have to give it a chance. Sometimes all you have to do is ramp up intensity of that very routine, and all of the sudden, gains.

This happened to me recently. I gained a little, then it seemed to kind of plateau a little bit, I intensified a little, and literally 2 weeks later I had put on another .15” girth. That is significant to me! I know this is nothing to get too excited about, but I put on .3” girth in the last 6 months.

Keeping it guessing is good, but if you have a good routine it can mean simply ramping it up, changing order of exercises, even tinkering with the off-days. 2 on, 1 off. 5 on, 2 off, etc. If I go 5 on 2 off, I will clamp every other day, just doubling my pumping on the day I don’t clamp. Days I clamp I reduce pumping, and do the normal routine (2on, 1 off system)

Originally Posted by jb560
I keep hearing that you have to keep your dick guessing, but how long do you stick with a routine before you determine it is not producing gains?

You stick when you see gains. After you notice that he routine doesn’t give you any more gains, change it to a new one. It real time I guess it’s 2-3 months with one, but all depends on gains. If you still gain, why change, right?

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Well I would say a month and then measure to see if your making any progress.
At the moment I am doing a 60 day routine and only measuring every 20 days.

It’s what works best for you.
Maybe 30 days of one routine then change it to 30 days of another routine.
Like maybe do a routine for length first then do a routine to girth.

That will keep your Willy guessing.

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I keep the routine as long as it is producing positive results. When I have gone a few months without any growth, that is when I start to look into changing things up.

Interesting question. I think to see real results you must give the routine 3-4 months minimum. I know I don’t see gains until around the 2nd month but I can feel gains coming after the first month (fuller glans, bigger base girth).

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I don’t know if I’ve ever had a true routine that I can say lasted xxx number of days. It’s always changing.

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