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How long did it take to believe?

How long did it take to believe?

How long did it take before you became a believer in this PE stuff/ Where you skeptical or an instant convert? Do you tell others now or are still embarressed to?

Was some PE harder to swallow like the idea of jelqing instead of hanging?

It actually took me a full inch in length to believe PE really worked. When I measured my first gain of .25”, I thought, “Another .25” and I’ll believe it really works.” I kept telling myself that until a reached a full inch gain. It was hard to believe that PE worked at the time. But after that I was expecting to gain another 2 inches in 3 months like the Paysite said. Obviously that took much longer :)

I told others about PE when I was forced to, or when they got suspicious. I never told anyone about PE willingly.


Not long

I got small gains in the first few weeks, but after just the 3rd day I had harder erections than I could remember for a long time.

So I knew that even if I didn’t reach my 8x6 goal, I had stumbled across something which really improved my penile health.

Now i only have to PE for another couple of years to reach that goal.


I guess i believed it the first time i read about it.


First thaught, it´s a hoax

I desperately wanted to believe it, I needed it to be true and it seems to be working. Luckily for me, I noticed improvements the very first days of PEing. I don´t have a strong sense of faith, so I don’t know what I would have done and thaught if I wouldn’t have obtained fast indications of it working.

But to tell you the truth, it sounded like a hoax, I mean, increasing your dick;) . Think about it, if you wouldn’t have known about PE, let´s say, 2 years before starting your PE career, what would have been your immediate thaught? A hoax, right? I only wish that I would have known about PE long time ago (I am 44 years old :( ). For many years I (you to?) dreamt about having a bigger meatus. But it all seemed so unreachable, just something for dreamers.


When I first stumbled on the old peforum I thought I found the biggest bunch of ASSHOLES in the world, than the more I read I found that there were some really smart people on the board and they might be on to something, so I lurked around for a couple of months and learned from Bib and Size and Dance. I got a gain after about 3 months and was hooked. I even made some really dumb first posts like this classic “Does This Shit Work”
or who could forget this beauty “How Do You Jelq”


When I first ran across a site, it was one with a bunch of suckers complaining about how large their units were or bragging about their size, then I found the old PE forum, and I read it for about two months before I even tried anything… I read everything. Some of the arguments made sense but I still had my doubts… After my first workout, I knew I would get results, even if it was just minor gains. It’s still kind of unbelievable. I couldn’t imagine having sex with some girl that I used to bang back in college and my dick is three inches longer and much thicker…

When PE became real

I was very skeptical at first but after about of 2 months of PE one day in conversation my wife said to me “what the hell are you so cocky for?” That’s true, I shit you not. See, my mental development was taking place, along with the physical changes. It just hit me unexpectedly. I was becoming much more confident around people. Most of the info in the forum is about the physical side of PE but there is a gigantic psycological factor that is a by-product of PE. It’s a package deal that is well worth the effort.

Since then I’ve become, I guess you could say…. “addicted to PE”. Every workout is anticipated with success. The gains are being written into the records. Next time you see a guy walking around smiling with a ear to ear grin, it could be me.

Ancient chineese words of wisdom say, “man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day”.



It took nearly 3 years for me to believe it. I started looking for penis enlargement info before I graduated high school sometime in ‘96 or ‘97 after hearing about surgery. Sometime in 97 I found an old school Hubbard site, thought it was a big pile of shit, and left. Months later I attempted jelqing (as described on his site back then), didn’t believe it would work and didn’t try again. Off and on I would look for Hubbard’s site again (through it’s many changes in location) but I didn’t really believe it enough to try it until I started posting at the old old Ezboard in late ‘99. I learned from Bib, JAPP, growing, seanjacobs.. the old pros.

Well, I’ve been very skeptical because I have had no results. Plus I’ve been grown up laughing at the concept of penis pumps. My first introduction to PE was a few years ago, and I’ve been very inconsistent with my routines. Due to the lack of evidence I have not been able to maintain enough motivation to gain results. However, just recently I have found this site and seen some of the member pictures. Now I have a firm believer and I’m sure that in a couple of months of consistent quality PEing, I will start to see absolute proof.

The secret

You have said it. Quality PE. Just putting some lotion and tugging on your penis a few days a week will have next to no results. Hanging a couple of pounds three a week for 20 mins most likely the same. You must get focussed and REALLY want a bigger dick, then decide what you are willing to do to get it, and then DO it.

Although many new guys post quick gains which can be discouraging if you don’t see any at first, remember two things.

First, it is human nature to exaggerate a little, and the desire for gains at the beginning will subconciously push that ruler in just a tad further the first months. So take quick gainers with a pinch of salt. Some are for real, but others are regained penile strength or overzealous measuring.

Second, guys who don’t get quick gains will very rarely post or maybe even stop PEing before they give it a chance to work. If 100 start, 5 get ‘gains’ and post saying so, and the others don’t post, the fact is that you think five guys have done better than you. What you don’t realise is that there are another 95 lurkers patiently waiting for gains.

So be patient, get dedicated and dilligent, and gains will come.

I needed 2 years to get 1 inch length (which some get in girth in a couple of months? :BS: ) , I’m currently hanging 15 lbs about 6 hours a week and in the last 3 months it seems I have probably gained 1/8 of an inch - but it depends on my erection.

If that keeps up thats ONLY half an inch per year…..and to honest I don’t expect that as I need more time and don’t have it.

Stick with it - you’ll see gains.


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