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How long can you stretch efficiently


Put simply, the penis is less stretchy the more erected you are. Therefore, flaccid stretching is the best. That is to the best of my knowledge, anyway.

I remember hearing once long ago on the radio about a fellow who was masturbating in bed, heard the phone ring, and when he jumped up to get it, he got caught in his sheets and fell right on his hard-on. He ended up saying he heard a loud “pop” followed by searing pain. After going to the doctor, he ended up commenting that he has permanent bend in his penis.

I think that guy suffered a penile fracture. Not nice…

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

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Originally Posted by Swensk
Bird, how about stretching in a semi erect state? I saw a thread some days ago where a guy said it would be good?


Only add blood in the glans to improve your grip. This is OK because the glans will not be stretched. Other than that, keep flaccid.

From personal experience ;)
Trying to stretch the tunica while being not even fully erect (80%+) is an impossible task.
I’m probably lucky that it didn’t work hehe. Simply too much resistance.
The only thing that really gets stretched are your ligaments. And some other fully engorged blood vessels which surely appreciate the extra stress ;)

A penile fracture usually is caused by too much pressure in one small spot of your erect penis, say, a hand desperately trying to grip the resisting snake in order to stretch it? ;)
And no, it’s not nice.. Had that “pop” with the first girl I was with (never went to the doctors) and have a slight downward bend ever since..


By the way, I was not talking about erect stretching or getting hard to may be 80 percent.

I was talking about may be getting hard to 10-25 percent after stretching for 6 min. Especially the base of my dick is thicken up after that.

I was asking if anybody discovered the same and if I should do a rest may be for 5 min and then come back and stretch again for 5 min with erection level between 0-10 percent.

Hm, basically the more you do the more effect (gains) you will have (of course if you do that without overworking or even injuring your dick).
So if you feel you don’t get a good stretch anymore, because your penis is too erect, taking a short break sounds like a good idea to me :)


If you are applying a good stretch you will not get hard, the trauma will negate any arousal effects. If you play with it like a “slinky,” than you will feel pleasurable effects. Also, a stretched-out penis will occlude blood-flow characteristics due to pinched vessels; translation, no boner.


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