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How long can you hold a stretch without injuring?


I’ve always wondered in both PE and weights, what provides the best results.

increasing force or increasing total duration or increasing reps within a set time?

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Yes. And, however, distance and duration are two different things, either in athletics: lifting 100 kg at 2,50 m. height is a thing, lifting 2,50 kg at 100 m. another story.

However, repeated short duration (about 10-30 secs) stretches are better then 1 long holding stretch, and leave you less tired - at least, this is my experience.

Originally Posted by Ruz_
Excuse me? It is the basics of science and any exercise, work = force x distance.

From my experience of weights it is fairly clear. You can increase the work you do by either increasing the force(weight) or the (distance) duration of what you do.

So the time you hold for can and is as important as the force you apply. This is clearly why it says in the newbie routine you increase the work which you do, to yield more work on your unit and hope to continue to provide results.

Why exactly do you think hold duration isn’t important? I’d like to hear your logic for that statement?

I think we are talking about two different things Ruz. Read firegoats post, it brings up the point I’m talking about.

This seem related on topic :

2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

this man had marvelous gains doing about 3 minutes/sessions of stretching repeated for 5/6 times daily; stretches was hold for 10 secs , 12 “reps” for sessions.

It sustain what firegoat is pointing: it’s cumulative work that count.


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