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How is *THIS* possible?

How is *THIS* possible?

I’ve always had almost no chest hair - a minute sparse patch at the top of my chest. I’ve just noticed that this ‘patch’ has become a little more dense and started to spread sideways (sparesly - 1 hair every cm of more). How the hell is this possible? I’m 26 years of age. I’ve just recently started working out a little, and last week I took 1000mg L-Arginine, 60mg of Ginko and a 15mg zinc tablet… What could be the cause, and how could I get an even hairer chest? I’d love a bit more hair there…

Thanks, and *any* info would be great.

Just stay alive and this amaxing process will continue. It’s called “aging”, or, “getting old.” At 39 I finally have an (almost) full chest of hair. I also now have weird little wolfman tufts on each shoulder and the start of old man hair growing out of my ears, lol.

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Zink is supposed to aid hair growth and healing but it´s more likely that it´s part of the aging process. You´ll lose hair on the head and gain it just about everywhere else. Guess it´s natures way of saying “you´re done with the ladies now lets keep you warm in the nursing home” ;)

It’s different age people start getting hair in different places. I’d call myself an early wolf. At the age of 15 I started to get hairy chest and before my 20’s I had already a hairy back. Now I’m 24 and there isn’t a place in my body that doesn’t have at least 1 hair ;) Too bad that my head isn’t following as I’m losing hair since 19yr old…

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Be gratefull it’s growing like that. You could have an X pattern of hair on your chest like me.


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