How I Prevent Slippage with Penimaster

OK, I had some trouble with this in the beginning, but am now doing OK with it. I think I’ve figured out the key to prevent your D from slipping out of this thing.

1. Wash your old boy very thoroughly first. I think any body oil or anything else will make it more slippery.

2. I am using a section from a hollow “hair scrunchy” around my shaft and then slip on the fastener. Putting it in without something like this just doesn’t seem to work (it pinches and it slips).

These scrunchies are the big hollow ones everyone is talking about in different threads. Another way to do it would be to take a section of an ace bandage and sew it up. This way you can adjust it for your size.

3. Once the scrunchy is on, fasten the fastener *tight*.

I’ve had it on for about 30 minutes like this and it seems quite secure. I think I’ll have to take it off every hour, though, as my johnson is getting a little chilly at the tip.

I’m now doing some kegels with it on like this and it’s not slipping at all. The kegels might help the circulation with it on a bit, too …