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How hard should I jelq?

How hard should I jelq?

I thought i was doing it okay but then, damn, just recently I saw that my whole penis has small red dots that looks like some bursted bloodvessel or something. it doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t look disturbing… but if I look closely I can see that my whole penis is covered with small red dots. is this normal or a sign that I am jelqing too hard? I thought the point of jelqing was to really FORCE blood into the penis.

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It is a sign you are jelqing too hard. Ease up a bit. The aim of jelqing is to move blood around in the penis upwards towards the gland.

Small red dots aren’t a problem if they are pinprick sized. Some people get them, others don’t. Black dots might indicate lack of lube. Large bruise-like patches are where Okish6er’s comments come in.

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I get them too and they are about the size of a pin prick. I usually get them after I do some choke squeezes. I personally think that if they are only the size of a pin prick then it is okay, even good in my opinion. Take a couple of days off and then start again.

This lead me to ask this : is jelqing a good technique to help get better erections?

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