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how hard are you stretching...

how hard are you stretching...

I don’t know about you guys but I would be a bit worried about causing lasting damage if I were to manually stretch until my arms hurt. I mean although I’m only a newbie, I find that if I stretch too hard i deform the head. Maybe your talking about prolonged stretching? Hanging as I understand it requires lengthy periods, wouldn’t that also be considered manual work? as in prohibiting oneself from performing other more enjoyable tasks, such as not having a large and cumbersome weight hanging from one’s member?

Personally, I find the whole PE experience as being one that has brought me closer to my member, and it has shown me that while I may not have what I want in that department, there is always someone worse off than me! I just want to say that although I know that Uli’s and horses are not recommended for new members, man do they give a wicked pump!! (and spectacular spotting)

Re: how hard are you stretching...

Originally posted by goforgold
Personally, I find the whole PE experience as being one that has brought me closer to my member

Man, that was a really beautiful way to put it!

As for your question I donĀ“t have an answer, I have been wondering about this too.


um, when you are stretching you are trying to cause lasting damage to your penis ;)

If you are grossly deforming your head maybe you need to look at the grip you are using or whether you are starting a stretch fully flaccid. Personaly I try to push a little blood into the head to provide a better initial grip, by the time I’m finished stretching the tip of the head is quite colored but its all temporary and disappears within a day. Also try gripping as loosely as possible whilst maintaining the grip under force.

As for the downward force, if you are going from zero to full stretch very quickly thats probably a bad thing, try gradualy pulling out and stop applying more force once you feel the stretch. I tend to do a short mild stretch release a little and then go into the full stretch.

If you are doing ULI’s and horses now be very careful. I did this too (because I alsways know best) and regretted it. If you are jelqing you will notice a major difference in condition of your penis within a period of 2 months and then you get to understand why people suggest not doing these excercises earlier.

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