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How flexible are your erections?


How flexible are your erections?

I’m very “loose” at the base when erect. It’s angle at full mast is already lower than most, but what I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t feel like it’s very well supported. Eg With a woman on top, I often slip out, and I don’t feel comfortable with her riding me.

With a 100% erection I can pretty much make my penis touch my belly, or bend it down so it faces the floor. I can move it a great deal left to right too. It’s very flexible, and not that rigid. Although I have nothing to compare it to, it just doesn’t feel completely right. I remember stretching my penis down between my legs and ‘squeezing’ my legs together with a semi erection when I was like 10, do you think I could have damaged the suspensory ligaments?

Generally I’ve come to accept my penis as it is, but this is one aspect which still bothers me.

As far as I know, if you’re just referring to the fact that when it is full hard you can move it around in all directions, I think that’s normal. I mean it’s the same for me, it would be more worrying if it didn’t move - I would feel like it might snap! I feel tension when pointing it to the floor but it is possible.

Mine feels a bit lose at the base but I am currently ill, it would always move a little left to right if I shake my hips though.

I think most young boys have done the erection between the leg thing, I used to do it to try and make my erection go down, I didn’t realize me squeezing was actually getting me off :chuckle: .

Yeah, I can move it around (from the base). But I cannot bend it if that’s what you are saying.. I can bend it a little bit up and down where my natural down bend starts. But bending it left or right just won’t happen. Is it anything to do with your EQ. Maybe you just aren’t getting a full erection. My EQ is lower than I would like at the moment.. And it points down a little, but if I move it around in a circular motion.. It will stimulate the muscles and point right up

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No, not actually ‘bending’ the shaft itself in like the middle. But just from the base, where the penis is attached, being able to move it easily up/down/left/right. I guess in a circular motion. Mine is easily moved in a circular motion, but if I’m fully aroused it tends to twang a bit back into place.

^And yeah if I move my hips too it wobbles a fair bit from left to right, I don’t know it just feels like it’s able to move TOO much too freely. It’s probably all in my head.

When I have an erection my dick is very unflexible.

Moving it straight out or up to the ceiling is ok but towards the ground? HELL NO!
But I do have very high EQ (except when suffering from PE injuries)

I can direct it to the left or right slightly but bending it is impossible.The thing is just rock solid with the bloodflow.

Tried just now and it moves side to side a little, moves up to belly button easily, but pushing it down past 90 degree angle and it starts to hurt at the base.

It is exactly the same with me, yataghan. Exactly how you described it. I have to say, it kind of bothers me and I would give anything to change it for a rigid one.

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For me it depends on the level of erection. Anywhere from steel rod to hard jelly stick ya know. Maybe from PEing the ligaments get a little loose around the base therefore giving you greater ability to maneuver your penis around?

Do you do kegel work? Maybe what you consider a %100 erection isn’t really your %100. If so, you have some gaining to do in the kegel/EQ area and could be very beneficial to you.

It always has been that way, Yagha? I found that happened to me when doing PE (especially stretching/hanging downward), but after some weeks of rest this problem tend to subside.

I can move mind up but I am restricted when trying to stretch it downwards. I have never been able to move mine from left to right though.

100% aroused, my penis is similar to a rock.

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Everyone is different, so I think if it works ok, nothing to worry about. Mine points straight up an I am unable to move it in any direction, especially down.

Very unflexible. I can pound nails through 1/4” plywood.

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When I’m around 100% erect I can’t point it downwards very far (maybe I could if I used a lot of force, but that doesn’t sound like a good idea), but I can pretty easily touch my stomach. Side to side, 45 degrees each way seems to be where it starts to feel wrong..

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