How do I know I am on the right track??

Hello everybody !

I am a new kid (38 years) on the block (on this forum). Just started PE with power jelq. Unfortunately, I have impaired glucose tolerance i.e. diabetes but I do not take any medicines. just trying to keep the sugar levels in control by diet and excercise. My question is :- does diabetes affect the PE efforts?

Secondly my LOT is 6, which means I have to strech at 9 and above. Am I right? Am doing a routine of hot wraps, strectching, power jelq, massage and hot wraps totalling almost one hour. Is this sufficient to see some gains in reasonable time limit?

After finishing the PE excercise my penis is heavier and full. Is this an indication that I am doing things right and I am on the right track. Your sincere feedback will help this 5.5 in length and 3.5 in girth to add some more inches both ways.

Looking forward to your guidance guys!