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How big do you have to be.

How big do you have to be.

To fit into a standard xl condom?

I’m 6 by 5.5-6 and it fits

What an xl jimmy?

I’m guessing length don’t really matter much with the way condoms fit, girth is where it makes a difference I think, and that guy myself has got good girth.

I would say anything from 5.75” upward would fit an XL, around 6-6.25” snuggly…

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I bought magnums thinking they would be loose, but they’re actually pretty tight. This was with my starting measurements years ago. I’m going to move up to XLs next time I buy condoms. Hopefully that’s soon because it will mean I’m getting some ass :)

What do you use with a 6.5 EG drilla? I may get up there someday, I hope it’s not custom condoms that are 4 bucks a pop

P.S. I’m a senior member with 100 posts now! What a great post to get it on too :)

Starting Stats (5/21/06) - BPEL: 6.75 | NBPEL: 5.75 | EG: 5.75 (Mid) 6 (base)

Current Stats (8/21/06) - BPEL: 7.00 | NBPEL: 6 | EG: 6.0 (Mid) 6.375 (base)

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Stitch this, Jimmy!

until you’re big enough for the XLs, just get the “Magnum”s. They are about 4.75 around and 8.1 so if you’re at least 5 inches around on most of your dick, you’ll be fine and you can get the ego boost when the chick sees you’re “bigger” than average… :)

4/15/06 6 BPEL 4.75 EG 7/28/06 6.375 NBPEL 6.75 BPEL 5 EG 7.5 BPFSL

8/5/06 7 BPEL 5 EG 6.5 NBPEL

Goal: 8 NBPEL 6.25 EG

I used to use magnums, which used to fit best. But now they fit a little tighter as I’m a little over 6” at the base, 5.75” mishaft (though this is sometiems higher) and 5.5” just under my head.

So I use magnum xl’s to give me the same type of fit i was used to. I don’t know what I will do to get the same feel if I get bigger.

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