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How bad is the infrared lamp really for your sperm?

How bad is the infrared lamp really for your sperm?

The infrared lamp feels great as a warm-up. However, in some threads I read that it would affect your sperm in a negative way. Nobody reacted on that.

Now how bad is the infrared-lamp really for your sperm? Has anybody actually stopped using it, because of this reason? If it really does affect your sperm, I will stop immediately. Don’t hope so, because the infrared lamp is a good way for an effective warm-up.

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I don’t have a clue but there are plenty of other ways for an effective warm up. I suggest you search in google or something but if your worried just try another approach, I like the genius lamp (or similar) posted somewhere, basically using steam/warm air

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It’s not exactly the infra-red lamp that is bad. Heat in general diminishes sperm count. However, once the heat is removed for a day or two, your sperm count recovers.

By the way, that is why your balls are located outside of your body, it’s because they function better in a cooler environment.

The focus on sperm health has been a suprise to me in this forum. Lots of guys worry about the little guys. Shit, when I was in my twenties I’d have LOVED to have a simple, easy way to incapacitate a few hundred million of the buggers a day. In fact, since I’ve already got a kid and don’t really want another one at just this moment, I relish in the spermatacide my rice sock may be wreaking. However, as gprent says, whatever you do to them (the sperm) vis-a-vis heating straightens out very quickly once you go back to normal temperatures again. I would say that sperm count should only be a concern if you’re *trying* to impregnate someone- in which case you wouldn’t want to heat your balls at all, wear boxers (over tighty-whiteys or bikini briefs), and even *cool* your balls slightly for maximum sperm count/viability.

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I guess the question should not be if IR is bad for sperm (unless you are currently trying to get a girl pregnant), but if IR is bad for the testes? I’m not sure, but my guess would be no.

You might want to read this one here…in its entirety.

Disgusting GAINS!!!

It’ll give you some info on infrared lamps and how to use them effectively.

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Sperm replenish themselves all the time! Who cares if you kill them unless you’re trying to get some chick knocked up.


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Hey man, it’s my sperm! Want to take care of it. ;]

Any scientific research. I want to know for sure. The sperm replenishes ok, but I also want to eleminate the possibilty that it will damage other tissue/organs in the penis that have influence on the quality of the sperm.

If those are damaged, you can replenish you sperm how many you want, but the quality will go less directly, because of the environment it’s in.

I think it’s a rational worry, because the infrared lamp can penetrate up to inch in the tissue, what most other heating methods won’t do. That is not natural. Even in a hot summer you won’t warm up in that way.

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The reason the balls are external organs is that sperm can not develop properly at higher body temperature they need to be 2 degrees F cooler. However if you are going to cause any damage to the testicals with a IR lamp it would first burn the skin. If you over heat your balls the developing sperm will have a low count but an IR lamp should be no worse than a hot bath or a sauna. Probably better because it is directional and only one side even gets hot where as hot air and watter heats all sides. In any case generations of sperm not exposed to the heat will develop normally with no long term effects unless you char your scrotal skin and begin to burn the testicles inside.

In short unless you are trying to get some one PG at the time I see no reason to worry about an IR lamp just don’t burn yourself that would hurt.

The IR heater I use is actually an IR massager with the option for just heat and no massage. Doesn’t touch my testicles at all, and only heats up where I put the lamp portion. It was a cheap device but very effective. I’d reccommend it if your current lamp bothers you.

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