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How are we going to shut these people up


Originally Posted by theskyisthelimit
I can’t tell you how long I spent searching for someone who had jacked the techniques from paysites and posted them somewhere. So many google searches thinking… where are these magical “exercises” ?!?!? Well, here they are. And no one jacked them from anywhere… If they’re magical or not, that’s debatable.

Lol! Ditto.

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A link from one of their sites actually mentions jelqing and stretching as a way to increase your size. Http:// Of course, the guy’s trying to sell this info.

Esquire (USA edition) 2004 page 84

Esquire (USA edition) 2004 page 84

What is “jelqing” (by Stacey Grenrock Woods)

Jelqing refers to a penis-enlarging technique that any guy with a passing familiarity with masturbation can perform. Proponents claim that placing the thumb and forefinger around the base of the penis and pulling upward every day for about thirty minutes will cause the penis’s spongy tissue to fill with blood and expand permanently.

According to some sources, jelqing originated in the MIddle East by fathers “preparing their sons for marriage”, which is one way of putting it. First is a “warm-up”, in which a warm bath or hot towel is used to increase blood flow to the penis.

Then comes the “workout” (or “jelqout”, if you’d rather), followed by the customary shame, loneliness, and promises made to oneself, ultimately broken, But if you’re hoping for permanent enlargement, I’m afraid the jelq’s on you.

Enter urologist Stanley J. Swierzewski III to spoil everyone’s fun: “First, some basic anatomy: The penis is not a muscle that you can make bigger with exercise”. Erection size, he says, is predetermined by two tubes within the penis called corpora, which are not stretchable, If they were, you would never achieve a firm erection. Your penis would be, as the doctor puts it, “a soft balloon filled with blood” (which, coincidentally, is the title of my childhood memoir, due out later this month).

All in all, if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it’s probably a masturbating duck. Anyone who tells you differently is just ‘fulqing’ with you.

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If you look under the FAQ’s click on ‘Do penis pills potions ‘etc

Then scroll down the page we find unsder SPONSORS:

“Penis extenders work. If your looking for real results use a penis extnder - they work.”


I’m just so glad that I never believed people like that doctor.

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Doctors, despite their grounding in science, seem to take the rather unscientific stance that if something is unproven, it’s impossible. I guess they forgot about experimentation and testing theories in medical brain-washing school.

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Can I just ask (while in a thread where PE is shown to be doubted) if there are any guys around here who have experienced serious gains and then stopped for a considerable amount of time like a few years? I don’t mean stop immediately after reaching a certain size, but after some sort of maintenance schedule. Is there anyone here who has done this and definitely not lost any of the gains they made?

By the way, sorry of any of you find this an annoying question - I’m new here. I’ve been lurking around for a while and reading lots of stuff on here and have been doing the newbie routine for a fair while. My starting stats are 7”NBP and 5”EGmidshaft. Just want to say: lots of respect to the vets and gainers around here. This seems to be a wealth of information and honest discussion which I hope to contribute to in the future. Thanks.

I’m currently a Pre-Med student right now, however I can tell you lately I have been thinking about the Urology field as the speciality I would go into.

If I do become one, it’s dependant on if I make gains (I just started PE), and if I do I will become a supporter of it and go into Urology, and perhaps become the leading M.D. Authority on PE.

I like the thought of it.

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