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How are gains cemented?

How are gains cemented?

I’ve done a search on cementing gains. People talk about the need to cement gains but I’ve yet to read how unless I’m missing something. I’m wondering if I stop PE will my penis go back to the length and girth I started with. Also when are deconditioning breaks recommended and for how long and why? Thanks for any input.

I lost a little bit, I stopped when I hit 8 nbp because I had reached my goal and I had no more of the drive that I had had before. I lost about 1/4 inch in length over maybe half of a year or more, and lost nothing in girth.

When you first get a gain it’s really not yours to keep if you stop right than you may lose that gain but if you continue for a time after that the gain becomes more permanent. If you ever totally stop PE you will have some lose in size which seems to differ from person to person.

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By allowing tissues to heal…first in an extended state (P) and then in the new length state (R).

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IMO if you get a gain in whatever measurement, say BPFSL and then do not continue PE for some reasonable time (depending on your PE hisory) then you may lose that gain. By continuing PE you interfere with the healing process. Interfering with the healing process is a good thing in PE. If you stop PE too soon the tissues may heal with the same length as prior to the gain.

Example, you develop a solid workout and stay consistant for a whole month and you measure a 1/8” gain in the last week (I am a fan of frequent carefully-made measurements). You continue working out the same way for a few more weeks but you get frustrated because the gains stop and you quit PE for a month. IMO completely stopping before the gains are “cemented” is a mistake. If you see a gain then you should continue at some level of PE so that the healing process does not complete normally. Think of it like the athlete that partially tears a ligament in his knee and then ignores the doctors advice to give it a break (let it heal in the retracted state) and then do rehab (to losen it). Instead he continues to play hard. Chances are his knee will heal such that his joint is lose. That lose knee joint can be equated to a permanently lengthened cock.

I think that deconditioning breaks make sense. I have taken them but did not declare then as decon breaks. I just took breaks when I stopped gaining (after cementing for several months). When you stop seeing monthly gains and further work just causes more injury (negative PI’s) it may be best to go into cementing mode (back off but don’t quit). How long you back off may be best based on past success of decon breaks. PE is not an exact science. Say the first decon break is 2 weeks, if two weeks doesn’t help then try 4 weeks next time.

I took a 9 month break and after 2 weeks of PE I have not gained and happily not lost even a smidge of BPFSL. I currently am not able to do my pre-decon workout due to the fatigue I am feeling at this point. I am at around 50% pre-decon break workload. I hope, pray, and beg, that I start gaining again once I get to around 75% of my pre-decon workout.

I hope this makes sense and helps.


Many claim that even after you “cement” the gain, if you decide to quit you should still use a maintenance program.

It helps to not lose the gains made.

So say you gained an inch, it took a year, and your happy and want to quit and enjoy your new dick.

Instead of doing the regular routine of 3 on 1 off for example.

Now you would do 1 day a week for a while, then later once or twice a month and so on.

It keeps the dick exercised but not in grow status.

And your deconditioning breaks depend on the individual.

Nobody knows your body better than you.

So if you are a fast healer, 2 weeks should be a good break to start with.

As you have already been told.

If you are older or not a fast healer then start with a month.

I did mine for 2 weeks and just started up again.

My body heals very fast, and I could tell from my erections and morning wood that I was ready to begin again.

Many say start at a month, but again, a month to some is a couple weeks to others.

However do take your breaks, the body needs to rest and recover.

Simplest rule here, listen to your body (dick).

If it says ouch, stop and lighten up.

If it says hell yeah, keep on groovin.

I bet a Viagra every other day will cement gains, especially if your under 30.

Seriously though, I work out 5 days a week, I know whatever muscle I gain will go away If I completely stop. Yet I still workout and just assume/hope I’ll workout to some point the rest of my life. I’ve p.e’d so much now that its a routine that I won’t mind continuing to some point for the rest of my sexual life.

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For me, I don’t want to lose my gains so I always stretch or dry jelq my schlong once I sit in front of my computer. If you stop doing P.E, the chances of losing your gains will be increasing. Guys, don’t stop doing your P.E.

What ways are there of healing in a extended state other than an extender?

Do PEweights work in the same way? To help the penis heal in an extended state…?

Thanks for the information. I’ve gained a consistent 1/8 in length although at times I’m longer, I’m never shorter. I don’t plan on stopping PE as I’m enjoying the growth and want to see how much I can grow.

I have a long way to go before I need to think about cementing but it seems to me that you should reach at least .5 inch more than you really want, so that the natural shrinkage will result in what you want. Does this seem right?

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