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How About Your Bag ?

How About Your Bag ?

Do you guys also want your scrotum to hang low ? I’d like to know where you are now and what you think is ideal.

If you’re warm and loose, how long is your scrotum? Try stretching it out gently and measure from the top edge of your cock, which is about where it starts, to the bottom.

What do you think would be ideal for your cock as it normally hangs ?

Re: How About Your Bag ?

Originally posted by Labonero
Do you guys also want your scrotum to hang low ? I'd like to know where you are now and what you think is ideal.

I wish mine was always loose and warm but it is always changing like the weather…or with the weather. My sack can hang up to 8.5” and retract to 4”…the sack is a very mysterious item.

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My Sack...

…bugs the shit out of me.

I am stretching it every day now. I have to get it strtched out because it goes halfway along the bottom of my shaft. This is due to my gains. I have to stretch good before sex or else part of my sack goes in the hole. Bummer. I bought a ring set that I plan to start using soon.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I want mine to hang low. I stopped all stretching when I scheduled my vasectomy, which is this Friday. After it heals, I expect to continue.

You also need to stretch the skin on the underside of your dick, or you’ll end up with a “turkey-neck” as your penis gets longer.


Here’s a thread where some guys were discussing the same thing, and different approaches on

Scrotum stretching

My balls hang low enough, thank you. I’m actually trying to make it so that my dick hangs lower than them at all times.

I actually read on the FHM webpage in an interview with Pam Anderson, infamous size queen, that she doesn’t like low balls. The interviewer said some celebrity had had a scrotum lift, do you think guys need this? She said something like “some guys do, maybe they didn’t wear underwear when they were younger, it’s pretty bad”

So maybe we should just work on Penis enlargement.



Pamela Anderson isn’t one to judge in my opinion. She’s had enough operations on her breasts to compare to Michael Jackson’s myriad of nose jobs.

At any rate, my balls are currently in proportion to my dick. When flaccid, my dick goes a little bit below them…but if I ever gain say 2 inches…my package is going have an all dick and no balls steroid abuser type of look to it. But if messing with the size of my scrotum/testicles is going to affect sperm count or have any unforseen consequences, I’ll live with smaller balls.

But since when do women give a shit about how big your balls are (with the exception of slutty porn stars like the one mention above)? I haven’t been with too many who like being teabagged, if you know what I mean, heh.

Currently I have nothing to worry about since I haven’t gained shit for length in npbel nor flaccid; however, if I ever get 1 inch and a half to 2 inches in length gains, I think I’m gonna have to do something to my sack area cause the actual tests aren’t going to be girthy enough, and my dick is gonna hang way too low past them.

Then again…the downside of this which you’ve got to take into consideration as well is that if you have bigger, lower hanging balls, when you get kicked in them by a pissed off girlfriend or an ex, it’s going to hurt that much more..


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