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How about this routine?

How about this routine?

OK, this is my first time in a PE forum, and I can’t believe I didn’t look for one sooner. I guess it’s hard to locate these places unless you know exactly what to look for. I believe lots of people do research PE at some point but get scared off by all the obvious scams and scammers out there. At first my searches got me pages and pages of pills and other scams, until I thought to add the keyword forum. I’ve been researching PE for about a year. However, with so many conflicting views and no one to talk to about it, I never really went gung-ho into it. But after reading probably 100 or more posts today, I think I am ready to commit.
Sadly, I have just about everything out there but haven’t used it yet. LOL! So with so much available to me, I’d like to try a really gung-ho approach and see where it gets me. I have pills, pumps, weights, and even purchased a Bib-Hanger today. So heres what I know so far. How about your input?

1) Pills: They don’t enlarge the penis that I’ve seen, but they do make me horny as hell, and my member salute more than a over-anxious glory boy bootcamp grunt. ;-) So they are good for increasing sexual arousal and ease of erections. So they would work good in conjunction with a PE program, correct?

2) Pumps: I’ve used this thing on and off for a few years and seen no gains from it, other than temporary. I’ve only really used it before a big date or if I have a booty call. LOL! It seems to make the blood flow thicker and easier for a day.

3) Weights: Now this I’ve seen the most results with in the short time I’ve used it. I have something similar to Tom Hubbard’s device but someone else must have copied him. The one I got works ok but it tends to loosen after a while and I need to take it off and re-tighten it. It can be a hassle, and sometimes feels like its cutting off blood flow, but if its not tight it wont stay on. But my results have been a much more noticeable flaccid state. My erect state has not change however.

4) Jelqing: This I know works, but I am confused by it. I read an entire online book with a bunch of different ways to do the jelq. It really confused me because I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. I’d prefer to start with the most basic jelq, and enhance the routine as I go. I notice this really gets the blood flowing, and it feels like its actually doing something.

5) Power-Jelq: Since I didn’t know the proper way to jelq, I bought a power-jelq device. Mostly because the website has an online demonstration from multiple views so you can’t go wrong. This really feels like it does something, but it doesn’t feel like this can be done alone. Manually jelqing should be added as well?

6) Surgery: Surgery was way too expensive, so I paid a local med student to do it. He botched it up the first time, thought I wanted a sex change. But luckily he was able to put it back on. <By the way, are you nuts? I am totally kidding. I wouldn’t do that. Just needed to throw some attempted humor into this never-ending post.>

So anyhow, those are my brief run-by experiences with PE. I’ve kind of tested all the waters to get an idea of what is best, and I think I have figured out a routine to go with. Here goes:

Newbie’s Routine (Any advice? Changes?)

Virility Pro pills (2/day)
Water (64 ounces a day)
Balanced Diet (Whey protein, Complex carbs, Unsaturated fats)
Daily Vitamins (TwinLab Daily One vitamin, Tribulus Terrestris, Vit. C, Vit. E, Vit. B)
Workout/Cardio: 3-5 days a week, moderate weights

1) Warm Up - (hot towel - 10 minutes good?)

Question: How necessary is it to “warm up”? Blood seems to
flow pretty well down there, especially with taking the
enhancement pills.

2) Stretching - Should I stretch in reps (1,2,3,etc) or stretch for a designated amount of time (like 5 minutes)?

3) Manual Jelq (100-300 reps) - I saw a good video example of this on the Power Jelq website, so I think I understand the correct way. Not too fast, not too slow, hand over hand in the OK grip.

4) Power-Jelq with Keegles (100 reps) - I heard squeezing the keegle with each power-jelq stretch will really enhance the routine’s effectiveness. Should these be lubricated too? I couldn’t find on the website whether you should or not, but I think I saw it before. My brain is overloading with all this info! LOL!

5) Weights - Not sure what to do here. I’ve kind of gathered to start out about 5 lbs (even though it feels like nothing) then work up to about 15 lbs. Do 3 sets of 20 minutes, with a 10 minute rest in between? Jelq during the resting to stimulate blood flow.

All together this seems like it would take between an 1.5 and 2 hours a day. Is that too much? Too little? I know it’s personal preference, but I want to maximize straight from the beginning to see what can be achieved straight off the bat. This routine really covers many aspects, but that would be a good thing wouldn’t it? I’d like to be able to take pictures and video demonstrations from day one and show my continued progress, because I’ve seen so many people say they wish they documented it from day one. Well, you guys are the experts so I would greatly appreciate your input. And on an ending note, I’d just like to say I commend each and every one of you for being so helpful thus far. I think this forum (and forums like this) are the only true shining light in the PE venture. If it werent for you all, I probably wouldn’t have given PE a real chance. Thank you all in advance!!!


Wow Jonnie Thats a hell of a first post.

Watch out wiht the power jelq. Its probably at least best to learn how to jelq by hand before using this potentialy dangerous device and a little hand jelqing is a good idea after a power jelq routine. Adding kegels should be considered as quite advanced, be careful.

Warm up: Some people don’t do warm ups. I think they are essential (especialy for a newbie). I make extensive use of them. Should be hot enough to relax the penis tissue but not so hot you are scalding your member.

Stretches: Check out JAI stretches if you want a rep based stretch. Also check DLD Blasters. V-stretches are in the faq.

Jelqing: Min 3 secs per stroke. Probably best placed after the power jelq routine.

Weights: Hanging should probably happen before jelqing.

If you are going to do 1.5-2 hours a day, split it into seperate routines of 20-30 mins. Including a seperate hot wrap for each set. But its probably better to start with a routine lasting something like 30-40 mins. See the newbie routine and work up slowly.

A hot wrap as a cool down is good.

Read through the newbie forum it has some great info.

Ensure your measurments are acurate (used bone pressed).

Careful about overdoing it.

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How to measure?

Ok, measuring absolutely confuses me because there are a bunch of ways to do it. So much for that genius IQ, eh? LOL! Now when you say measure it “bone pressed”, what does that mean? Normally I measure this way: I take a ruler, place it on top of my penis and push gentley back. But is pushing back cheating? I don’t want to cheat myself into thinking I am gaining when actually I am just measuring differently each time. I’ve seen some strange acronyms which I am unaware of. So perhaps someone could explain the measuring routine the majority of people use on here? Without being able to measure my progress I may get discouraged and give up, and I want to follow through with this so bad!!! Here I am currently:

Flaccid: Not even sure, it flucuates. But between 3.5 and 4.5”
Erect: If I push back with the ruler while measuring on the top, it measures 6.25”. If I don’t push back on the ruler it looks about 5.75”. :-/ Which I guess it isn’t so bad, but I’m a tall muscular guy. I’m starting to think DNA is evil! LOL! Thanks again in advance!


Try these measurement instructions. I measure on the top though. Measuring BP is so that you can see gains, its just more accurate. Push as hard as you can. Make your targets NBP.

Cool check your measurements 3 times for variance.

Also keep a record here

Damn, I can’t find the acronyms link. I’ll carry on looking.

Some abbreviations are in the Glossary. Linked from the faq.

Here’s a direct link.

Thanks man!

Thanks man! I appreciate the info! :)

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