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How about Jelqing for an hour?


How about Jelqing for an hour?

I just wanted to know if anyone has jelqed for an hour. Will this hurt me in any way? What do you think? Is this overkill? I have not tried to perform an hour yet, however, I am considering it.

Let me know.

Any comments,


I don’t think more than 40 minutes adds anything. How long have you been at this?Any gains so far? y are you considering this?

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I have jelqed and squeezed for over 2 hours on occasion, every once on a while I like to do a shock routine. If your new you have to work up to it.


I have been PEing for about a year. So the longest I have jelqed is 47 minutes.

I am just curious if it has made a difference with anyone who does it a little bit longer.


There have been big gainers like JAPP or P.C.G. on the old PE forum who said that 45 minutes of continous jelqing ist the absolute minimum. Just try out what works best for you.


Good to see you in public:) btw, I got your PM and I will hit you back in a bit. For a large part of my program I did close to 2 hours of jelqing a day with no problems. I have cut my routine down a bit since then and agree with Luvdadus on the point 40 minutes is sufficient and anything more may be overkill. I also think Dino makes a good point as far as a shock rouine is concerned. With a whole hour to dedicate to jelqing I think the same hour can be used to greater benefit with some sort of Superset routine. I am still writting the program I promised and I will get more specific in that…if you want to post it feel welcome.

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I really appreciate your help.

I agree with 40 minutes

So whatever suits you man , coz you r the best judge you know what is rt for you , but do it in a proper way and with sufficient warm up ,and plz do not have this idea that this will grow overnight, PE is a gradual and consistent effort so go gradual but steadily , OK take care ,

I do an hour every day.

Originally Posted by mana
coz ,r ,rt plz

Internet lingo not spoken here. You need read the forum guidelines before the grammar police get you.
We have a lot of people from foreign countries on this forum that use a translator. Some of the words you use will not translate and will become useless to someone that doesn’t know the language.

Originally Posted by GrowingPains
You need read the forum guidelines before the grammar police get you.

Oops. Too late… :)

Too late

Any more than 20 min per session is a waste of time. You have to realize where you are at and proceed accordingly. In the beginning you will experience your maximum cellular breakdown and greatest growth potential so extending the session is warranted. Later on the gains come slower due to the proportional expansion limits of your member and genetic limitations. You do your jelq in sets just like weight lifting, it is silly to proceed in the fashion that is practiced by many enthusiasts on this site. The member fatigues and breakdown is accomplished than let it rip another day. However, if you have a fish-like handshake go nuts.

On average I jelq for 15-20 minutes (Including Mega Jelqs and Double-Handed Jelqs). Every once in a while I like to have a good intense jelq session of around 45-60 minutes.

It depends entirely on the PE’ers PE background on whether or not 45+ minutes of jelqing will be useless or worth it.

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