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Hours per inch?


Ligament Pull

the best strain and the one that you will feel staight away and that will make you ache is to lie supine on the bed , hang the weights, over the side of the bed off the floor ant put yur feet on the bed,i.e. you have your knees bent up. Now added to this by sonmeone else ot Thunders is this: Put your hands on both knees and try to pull up. Also aim knees at oposite end of room walls (like a frog) . Feel that? Oh yeah !

It takes me a long time to get an inch, the first year 1 inch and than .75 the 2nd and .25 the 3rd. But so far the new year is looking up with the bib.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Gained 1/4” from 10 hours of hanging. So I guess 40 hours per inch with hanging.

Originally posted by memento
107 hpi from stats. Probably about 130 hpi now.

The question is not really revelatory (even for newbies). Some grow fast at the start, some spend months going through different routines until they find one that works for them. Most people seem to slow down the more time the have been PE'ing

True. There is definitely a learning curve to all of this - and the time of “adjustment” varies. How many jelqs? How often? How tight the grip? Repetition speed, etc., etc. The same with stretching - frequency, duration, force of tension, etc. At times, I’ve gained 1/8” in like a week. In fact, I gained 1/2” EG in first month, on an every other day routine. So, about 14 20-minute workouts, would be 280 minutes for 1/2”, 560 minutes for an inch, right? Wrong. That 2nd 1/2” EG took me about 11 months.
I don’t put too much confidence in hoursperinch stats.

My first inch took about 85-90 hours according to my calculations (this is only roughly though. I recall there being some periods where I slacked off and only did 3 sessions a week etc.)

I did 25 mins of manual stretch and 20 mins of jelq (plus warmup/down).

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

first 0.5 inches gained in about 20 hrs, so 40 hpi, but that’s for the first gains of a newbie so obviously gains are likely to slow, I doubt (at least using the same routine or one with little variance) that speed of growth would really remain constant for any length of time. (just my $0.02)


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