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Hourglass Flaccid Shape?

Hourglass Flaccid Shape?


I’ve been PEing the last month on a regular schedule (2 on/1 off) and about 3 months before that on a irregular schedule. I have seen good gains and know that if I stay on track I will reach my goals.

I’ve noticed in the past week or so that my penis has a weird flaccid shape. It looks like an hourglass, lol. The base is wide, then it gets narrow, then wide again right before the glans. It doesnt always look like this, but I cant isolate a typical time it looks like this. Does anyone know why this is happening?

By the way, I am extremely happy with my results so far, and am waiting a few more days until I post my 1-month results. I have noticed a large girth gain that may just be swelling, but I’m hoping that continued effort will turn it into real gains.

Thanks alot.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that when this is happening and I pull down on my ball sack, the base evens out. So, maybe if your boys are riding high, the base is going to be spread out a little bit. Possibly because of all the new skin having no where else to go. Which would explain the area below the head. Whether this is accurate or not, I have no idea. Just throwing in some input!

What routine are you doing? Sounds like either stretch/jelq or hang/jelq.

Hanging/stretching increases base girth. Jelqing with too low an erection produces a baseball bat.

Combine the two: instant hourglass :)

As the mid girth is supposedly larger on most people, always has been with me. Was it originally on yours?

I using the Experiment Group A routine (2 on/1 off):

ten 30sec stretches
two hundred 3sec jelqs
50 kegels

The hourglass shape doesnt occur all the time and I cant figure out a pattern since it happens seemingly randomly. My Jelqing is just about as intense as I can do them, I’m reaching the limit of the strength of my hands, lol.

This hourglass shape is only when I am flaccid. Once erect, the girth of the middle of the shaft is quite wide. I’d go as far as saying that the middle of my shaft is either wider or as wide as the width of my head! I dont have much of a baseball bat shape, although I have a little less girth at the base.

I have also experienced the same hour glass shape time to time. This has happen pre PE more often, and still sometimes now, but rarely. I am not sure what it is due to. It does not seem to resemble my EG shape, so it does confuse me at times. PE has only helped out that problem, if you can call it a problem, so now I barely see it. I would suggest keep PEing and doing Kegels to increase blood circulation

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