Hott Entertainment at DW's Forums

DW’s Forum has changed a lot.
I am proud to announce
The Grand Opening of
*~*DW’s ~ Forums*~*
Now with 3 great forums instead of just the one.
The Dive - Erotic/Fiction - Brain Food

The Dive is the place to post all the sordid thoughts you would never be willing to share with someone in person. It’s a home for the everything from the goofy to the downright obscene (or as far as we can stretch the forum guidelines anyway).

If its funny it needs to be here. If its gross, you’re in the right place.

This is a Dive and we expect to see people making out in the dark corners and spilling drinks over each other.

Be brash be downright nasty, but fight fair or I’ll be forced to give you a good seeing to!

Erotic / Fiction - the clue is in the title here.

Guys - If it something that make you stand up and take notice or feel the tell tale stickiness in your shorts post it here. If you can elicit a story from someone you know that makes you immediately want to grind with abandon, post it here.

Gals - If it makes you decidedly damp, post it. If you want to share your innermost fantasies you will find a very willing audience.

If its narrative and/or fictional this is the place for it. It could be a profound excerpt from a novel or short story or your own composition.

Brain Food is a place for the weightier of topics, the limit is where you set it. It could be exploration of morals, religion, society, sexuality or wherever you want to go. This is not a place for the inane, if you come across a view you disagree with or think is not researched, make your point using good logic rather than personal attacks. This is somewhere to hold adult discussion, to feel out topics that skirt the edges of safe ground and challenge.

Now offering more ways to tickle your fancy.
As always dedicated to entertaining Thunder’s Place.
Hopefully we have something for everyone.
This is my invitation to all to come and check it out

Thanks everybody hope to see you at DW’s Forums!!!