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Wouldn't a better “cooldown” be to stroke yourself to an erection, let it subside a bit, then stroke it hard again, let it go away…etc etc….? Keepin' it pumped up while getting fresh blood in there at the same time? It's good training for controlling your ejaculatory reflex, too.

You’re talking my language: this is edging, which I have been practicing for the past three years.

For me, edging during a session is essential to maintaining required erection levels. It’s a great workout for the PC cause you kegel while you’re building up, then r k or relax the PC muscle to prevent ejaculation. I’m not alone in having learned to r k or release some spermatic fluid (orgasmless ejaculation, *not* dry orgasm) and continue working. Woof.

There’s the additional benefit of hitting a high erotic state and riding your orgasm. This is serious edging, where most ejaculation control gains are made. Achieve and maintain that edge: your staying power increases as you learn to recognize your hair trigger moment and back off. (I have serious control issues and was intially attracted to edging because of the sense of mastery of my body that it gave me. Still does.)

It seems a logical closer for a routine, an exercise in and of itself, but I’ve yet to find a consensus on whether or not one should refrain from ending with ejaculation. It may be that bringing yourself off causes loss of gains, but I’m really unclear about that. I still have lots of reading to do.