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Hot wrap theory in the making.

Hot wrap theory in the making.

I have read some experienced members say that they make better lig gains when on a low calory diet, due to the ligs not reparing fully, and making it easier to lengthen them instead of them becoming stronger and fighting against you.

Well I have been wondering if hot wraps would also help this effect, as putting heat on a freshly damadged area is notorious for swelling the area and stopping it healing quickly.

Hot wraps right after girth work MIGHT help it grow thicker, due to keeping the blood in longer, but then it might not because they will repair slower also. But putting heat on to freshly worked ligs is probably going to keep them damadged longer, and we don’t want more girthy ligs, so swelling with heat after a lig workout would probably be detrimental to gains if it wasn’t for the possibility that slower recovering ligs might help length gains.

What do you think?

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Well, from my point of view, whenever I do a hotwrap after a lig workout or a jelq/uli/horse girth workout; my dick feels “pumped” (engorged with blood when completely unstimulated) as I am going to sleep.

If I PE during the day and do a hot wrap after the workout, it not only cleans the vaseline off from the jelqing, it lessens the ‘kick back’ I get from jelqing and stretching. When I PE my dick likes to retract and bunch up somewhat after a workout, so the heat helps it stay loose and from there it repairs itself.

I personally don’t think the heat would hinder repiars that much for myself because I feel the effects of the hotwrap go away after say 4-5 minutes. Like I said earlier, the hot wrap just keeps everything nice and loosened up for me so I don’t bunch up after my workout.

I only hotwrap after a PE workout for maybe 2-3 min only at most. So for those who do it longer- maybe they’ll have a diff effect. So maybe extended heat wrapping after a PE workout might have that effect?

Of course you could always test your theory and see if you progress differently :)

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Hot cold plunge after PE

Gottagrow: This presents a bit of a paradox. I’ve been experimenting with hot and cold wraps, ice packs V/S hot wraps etc. The question: do we want to reduce swelling or speed up the healing process to get on with more workouts sooner, thus a shorter recovery time means making that window of rest in between workouts as small as possible. Yet, we know keeping the micro tears open as long as possible bring better gains. I live in an apartment in central Texas, with a hot tub kept between 104 and 106. I do my stretches and jelqing in the hot tub, then come up to my apartment and hang with the help of a heating pad and hair dryer, after as much heated hanging as I can handle I end the session with three 15 minute low pressure pumps with just enough suction to make the tube stick then after the pumps I get into that frigid pool up to my waist for as long as I can stand it. Like WT282 says, after an intense workout the human penis feeling beaten and bruised wants to shrink up and recover inside the warmth of the body and the chilled water encourages this but before going to bed I pull it back out and wrap with sports wrap so it will do any healing that takes place while I sleep in the extended position. It seems to me since I’ve been doing this my flaccid hang is much better. However I haven’t seen any erect length gains. I have noticed that since using the chill water shock treatment, my recovery time is shorter, also. I seem to be able to hang more weight sooner than if I end the session with the hot tub. This approach might turn out to be worthwhile, but the cold plunge is hell. Maybe a glass of ice water would do as well.

I don’t like the “open wound” theory of making gains, especially when you try to take it too far.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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