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Hose Clamp Key, where to get it?

Hose Clamp Key, where to get it?

Can anyone tell me where to find hose clamp keys?

I’ve looked, well a few places, and I can’t find a key for hose clamps, I’ve been using a screwdriver but about put a huge gash in my penis when it slipped out.

You can get a nut driver for it at any tool/hardware store,it looks like a screwdriver but has a molded socket to fit the clamp,proably 1/4” or 8mm.Or pick up a cheap cordless screwdriver/drill with a socket bit to fit the clamp.

Duh, I was looking for a specialty tool. LOL

You aren’t really screwing down a metal hose clamp on your cock are you?

Check out the quick release plastic cable clamps you can buy at Walmart. Just do a search for cable clamps. A lot of guys are using them now.

I’m using a metal hose clamp, but not on my bare flesh. :eek: I wrap the base with an old sock first.

I’ve tried the cable clamps but they don’t work as well for me (I think it’s because they aren’t circular), and caused me to get the only injury I’ve ever (known I’ve) had, a thrombosed vein.

1/4” nut driver is what you need. I’ve always used a screw driver with changable bits without the bit. It’s the same as a 1/4” nut driver.

I think most hoseclamps are 5/16”. Mine is.

Man, all you need is a penny or dime or a quarter, which can be found in most pant pockets! I use a hose clamp sometimes and all I use is a coin. Nickels are a little too big for my clamp, but all the other coins fit. So there is no need for you to spend any money to tighten up the clamp, do it for just 1 cent!

Originally Posted by hobby
I think most hoseclamps are 5/16”. Mine is.

That may be true. I’ve just assumed it was 1/4” since I was using a screwdriver without the bit, and not an actual nut driver.

Yeah man….like crazyed says….use a penny. I crazyglued a penny in the slot of my clamp screw and it works great. I also use pipe insulation for a wrap (another crazyed innovation) and it works fucking awesome! I think I need a bigger inside diameter pipe insulation tube if they make ‘em.

I use both a metal hose clamp and a plastic multiclamp…. both work great.

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