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Horseshoe good for correcting a bend?

Horseshoe good for correcting a bend?

Hey all,

Just started doing DLD’s horseshoe bends and I started to wonder if they might be effective at correcting a bend in the penis.

Since I’ve been doing PE I’ve develop a slight bend to the left at midshaft. Not sure if its truely a bend or simply one side of my penis gaining girth faster than the other side. Have not been able to figure out what is causing it.

But I started to wonder if the horseshoe bends might correct this over time. Since I have a bend to the left, I wonder if when I do horseshoe bends, if I bend only to the right side, if over time that will add girth (or straighten out) the left side, thus eliminating the bend.

I’m assuming that in which ever direction you bend, its the opposite side that is getting the girth gains. For example, if you bend down during horeshoes, the top of the penis is getting the gain.

Anyone have any thoughts? Does this sound like it might work?

I really want a natural bend in my joint so when I do upward bends I always hope they translate to a upward curve.

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