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Horse440 squeeze swell, whats the deal?

Horse440 squeeze swell, whats the deal?

As some of you may already know, I tried Horse440’s the other night, and got an incredible amount of swelling, a full inch of girth which was fairly consistent all down the shaft.

it took 3 days for this swell to totally subside.

I don’t know if I’ve had any permanent gain from it because I haven’t measured, but whats bugging me now is that I just can’t seem to replicate this same swelling…..

I tried and tried for at least 45 minutes today and I’ve beaten up my dick so bad it’s totally covered in red dots and small bruises. This is the worst I’ve ever done, and just trying to get that same effect that I got so easily the other night…..

at the end of it now I have 4 small purple bruises, and an almost entirely dark red shaft, and even 2 or 3 dots on the head which I normally don’t get anything there.

And the total swell is maybe 1/8th or maybe 1/4 of an inch tops, next to nothing compared to before…. so, what the hell is the deal? Can anybody shed some light on this weirdness? please?!

Sounds Painful

I really don’t have much advice but I do want to ask, why would you put your penis through all that?

I mean, you got the swelling the first time, that alone should have indicated that something was wrong. You don’t see results immediately after doing PE, its a gradual process. I would suggest you ease up and let you penis rest and get back to normal. I don’t see any reason why you need to beat up your member that bad.

I don't know why, Sec.

I do know what your talking about, though. I saw the same effect from BH Uli Extremes or whatever they are called. First session is a monstrous swell effect, then it doesn’t occur to that degree anymore. I don’t think it could be conditioning or getting used to the exercise because it happens so fast. Might have something to do with the lymph system, possibly damaging or stressing to the point where the lymph fluid cannot get trapped or flow so easily. It is weak that way, not at all like the blood that is pumped forcefully by the heart and helped by arteries. There are lymph nodes all over I believe, some very near the groin. Hell, maybe the pressure effects the system in that area so the fluid does not get trapped so easily again. Considering the amount of pressure exerted by the excersise you describe, doesn’t seem unreasonable to me that it could either congest or open-up. Then again, I’m just speculating and really don’t know jackshit about lymphatic matters and such. Might be something for you to look into if your curious. groa

I think your right on, same as my own findings.

By the way, my first post for more than 6 mos I think!

Pan is back :-)


well secjay

You got totally “over-enthusiastic!”

Nothing is THAT good so quickly.

I have told so many guys this so many times, it’s just like life itself.

Be realistic and move on and keep HSing. Evenually, it will have some impact.

It did even for me.

thanks to all who replied….

you’re all right, I was getting way over enthusiastic…. because of that first session see? I was so pumped after seeing those temporary results that I foolishly expected it to permanently balloon up quickly…. how foolish..

it’s been days and days since then and I just cant get anywhere near that swell since. And (obviously) I don’t think I’ve gained anything permanent, yet..

But yeah this is one thing I’ll stick to for sure….

I’m seriously thinking of getting a real pump and using it with hot water to warm up properly and prevent all this red dot shit from happening. it’s got to the point where its always there sticking its tongue out at me, at the end of every session, to some degree, and I think it’s time to kick it’s arse to the curb. :D

$1,000 advice for secjay

Fuck the pump and water,ect.,,…….

Stick to horse squeezes. For guys like you and I, HS gains may be temporary or not, but may
be eventually permanent. You will likely be unware when it happens until several
successive sessions yield a consistent gain. I had a whooping 1/4 girth gain with HS440
right off the bat, right, like I have never had, and did not believe was possible. It became
permanent and I have confirmed this many times since , though “temporary” big gains
like you had may have ceased to exist as permanent after several measuring sessions.

Don’t sweat that, just go on and upward.

These things are three to four BIG steps forward, then three back. Stick with it.

I don’t vouch for pumping though I did (or overdid) a lot.

Stick with horse squeezes and try a sliver of Viagra now and then to increase the
blood flow and erection duration.

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Phat, you keep referring to us as “guys like you and I…”

I think I know what you’re talking about, or maybe I don’t, please clarify? :)


What I meant was either guys with tough PE luck or hard gainers, or both.

Sorry if I mischaracterized you . I do that a lot these days unwittingly.

ahh right, gotcha phat ;)

yeah in the beginning I saw some quick gains but now it’s all hard yacka for me :(

If your thinking of pill-poping, I’d recommend L-Arginine instead of Viagra to increase blood circulation - got a lot less side effects. There are also some herbal equivalents like Tribulus terrestris and Ginko Biloba which work in a similar same way.

Just my two cents worth


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