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Horse Jelq

Horse Jelq

Hello all you perverted weenie tuggers! V here. Thought I would drop by and see how everyone here is doing. I am still in PE retirement with just some maintenance stuff going on but I have come across a couple of things that actually still give me some gains! Even just doing PE for about 10 minutes per day about 5 days a week! I have not measured in quite a few months but I am SURE I have aquired some more girth gains. Mrs V can only get the head of my cock in her mouth now. Once in a great while, if she is kind of drunk and real horney she can get it in to the circum. scar. Other than that she just licks and suck my balls, slurps on the sides and polishes my helmet. So, I said all that to say that I am certain that I have been enjoying some gains over the last 8 months of retirement.

Here is the technique that I came across a while back that I think has really been working for me. I call it the Horse Jelq. Now you guys may already know about it and it may be called something else. If so, please forgive me. I do this at the end of each PE session in the shower. I do that so my member stays swollen while I shave and do my hair.

This is my routine…….
I wet jelq for a bit. Slow long 5 second jelqs. I also throw in about 25 or so fast ones. I do this with soap. Soap does not bother me like it does some folks. anyway, after a few minutes of doing this I wash all the soap off and do some dry jelqing both down and up directions. My unit gets pretty full. I then clamp with my hand at the bottom and do a couple of kegels to really fill it up. I then squeeze the head with my other hand. I wrap my hand around the head and squeaze like a big dog while still clamping at the bottom with my other hand. Now this as I understand is called a Horse 440. Here is the addition. I wait for a few seconds and then take the clamped hand at the bottom and very slowly yet firmly dry jelq towards the head. This creates a lot of swelling and pressure. IT IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!!!!! If you are a newbie, PLEASE don’t try this. You can and will damage your unit. Don’t call me if the side blows out and you loose all your guts. Anyway, I watch it and the veins and everything else just popps out like a bugger. I wait until the color goes semi dark, maybe for 10 seconds and then release. I do this about 3 times before getting out of the shower. I then do my business and before going out, I do some manual stretching. That’s it. That is my routine.

By judging from Mrs V’s actions, I have gained quite a bit this winter. In a way the gains are good because I love the way it looks. In another way the gains are a bummer because the fit is so tight I cannot keep from cumming soon. I already have that problem and my big cock in that little snatch just enhances the situation.

I have stopped clamping about 8 months ago. I still have some discoloration but it has gotten a bit lighter. I do not sugest to anyone to clamp if color is important to you. It is also very addictive and you just don’t want to stop. I am not sure I got a lot of gains from clamping anyway. The manual stuff is what has always worked for me.

I am also still tweezing the hairs EVERY day on my balls, shaft and pubic bone area. Mrs V absolutely LOVES this. I get more head and ball licking than I ever have. She reaches over and rubbs them a lot in bed also. An added plus! I highly suggest plucking if you want a clean smooth surface. It also does not create the pimples that close shaving does.

Well, that’s it for now. Cheers to you all. Do good things.

Your friend,


Hey V…

Good to see you back. Also glad you’re still in PE retirement - allowing some time for penises that are half your size to catch up!

Couple questions for you VVC:

1) At what erection percentage do you wet jelq?
2) Do you use an overhand or underhand grip?
3) And, just to clarify, are you doing your manual stretches before or after your jelq session?

Re: the Horse Jelq

4) When you jelq toward your head with your “clamped” hand, do you continue to squeeze your head, or do you let go?

As you said, this Horse Jelq is definitely not for newbies. You’re taking a fixed amount of blood and putting it into an even smaller, fixed amount of space. Sounds great! It’s like an extreme Horse 440. Can’t wait to try it.

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

~Oscar Wilde~

Vinnie, you always have a way with words.

Horny Bastard

Hey guys.

I get into the shower with no erection at all. I take my shower and start soaping up my unit. I jerk it off and squeaze and pull it until I get some blood flowing into it. I would say 25% erection. I wet jelq until it gets to stiff to do so and then switch to the dry jelq

I jelq overhand both wet and dry. When I do this Horse/Jelq I do it underhand with my unit pointing up.

I do my manual stretches when I am done in the bathroom. It is the last thing I do.


Good post v. I think I do this Horse jelq and can credit it for a lot of my pre-clamping girth gains. However, I think I’ve been doing it with a bit more blood in the penis than you describe — usually with 50% or more of an erection.

Yes I use to do it too, I think it’s very effective for girth. It should help gain that “cobra shape” that I like so much, without excessive head enlargement.


Actually, I should clear one thing up. I only wet jelq ith a 25% boner to get started. When I am Horse Jelqing I have about 65% hard on. If it gets to hard though, it is much less effective. It has to have plenty of blood but still plyable………


Hi vincent Van Cock. How do you tweeze your hairs down there? I’ve tried that and it hurts a lot.

I agree. Keep down south clean if you want more TLC. When it looks clean enough to eat, you will get a happy meal!

Great exercise!

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