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Horse 440 Squeezes

I noticed in the video, the actual head(glans) wasn’t touched at all. It that the correct way to do it?

Well yes he did not squeeze the glans in the video but actually it is a part of the exercise. However it becomes very dodgy when you do that so one should do it at his own risk.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Mandingo, you can incorperate a window and get even better pressure going. Place the book, junk included, in an open window. Close the window on the book, and then hang your entire body from the top of the window. You should feel an incredible pressure increase.

We have also had guys experiment with parking cars on their peckers. And I am sure that you know of the bungee jump method.

The point is, it is your penis! Don’t let anyone influence your PE strategy with silly safety concerns! :thumbs:

I’m sorry if you thought my idea was stupid iamaru. It was only a suggestion.

Man, I have been doing jelqing for over 5 months now. It’s time to move on for something more advanced!

I think “horse squeeze” will not only replace long session of wet jelqing at different erection level, but also target the girth in the shaft for maximum result.

Thanks for sharing!

I just tried “horse” squeeze. Man, it does feel good! I tried the standard grip with my right hand at the base, and then with my left hand with a tiny opening slowly sliding from the tip of my head to the base of the head. It was a bit weird at first but it can feel the blood trapped in the mid-shaft.

I did one variation though.

*I noticed that by squatting, I can grip more at the base

- in squat position, I use a overhand OK gripe instead of a standard gripe. I find overhand OK gripe allows me to access more of my inner penis.
- squeeze tight at the base with right hand (80+% erection)
- form a tiny circle between your thumb and pointing finger with your left hand
- slide the tiny circle from the tip of your head towards the base of the head (adjust the circle tightly to force blood into the shaft)
- once the left reaches the base of the head, increase your squeeze to feel engorgement of your shaft
- hold for 10 seconds
- then slowly release the right hand base grip first, and then the left hand grip at base of the head
- repeat 10 times

The only difference is the “squat” and “overhand OK grip” for the horse squeeze. I find I don’t grip as much as my penis with standard OK grip.

An important question: how much has your penis to be conditioned before trying this intense exercise? I long had you to have been doing the newbie routine before being able to try horse squeeze?

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I think this exercise can be iffy at any level of conditioning.

I was thoroughly “conditioned” after a couple years of varied and regular PE. Horses gave me two dark skunk stripes on either side of my urethra. It took a couple of years for them to fade.

Modified Uli’s are much safer and give good girth gain results.



The Horse440 is my favourite PE exercise. I always include it in my routines. In order to get more conditioned you have to be able to do high erection jelqs and sustain ULIs for a long time. If you don’t do Horses very often you always need a ramp up routine to get conditioned again.


Horse 440’s are definately making a come back into my routine.

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Any videos and any recommendation on how long you should wait from newbie routine before adding Horse 440s?

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Originally Posted by Nore
Any videos and any recommendation on how long you should wait from newbie routine before adding Horse 440s?

Uhh I did these before and they way I did them was really intense, more than clamping actually. I would suggest maybe 4-6 months of conditioning at least. This was the first and only exercise that gave me something that would be considered an injury and kept me out of Pe for a bit. on the bright side the gains came fast as hell from this. BTW who’s the dude in your avatar?

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Heere We GOOooh!

I just wanted to thank horse440 for coming up with this, don’t know if you’re still around but this exercise is amazing.

Well I have been pleasantly surprised with my length gains from PE over the last 7months.. But I really want to gain more girth. This looks interesting and if the dis-colorization is the worst injury well hell it just will give HER something new to look at! LOL! I will obviously ease into it to make sure that color is the only thing that goes awry!

My question for those that have added this to their routines is: Has this affected your length gains? From my understanding, most of the girth exercises slows down gains in length. It’s almost as if you get to pick one focus either length or girth and sacrifice the other. Quite frankly, I haven’t reached my goals in length yet, and I do not wish to slow them down just yet.

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College boy newbie:

I did the horse 440’s by squeezing the head and tight grip at base, now I do not need to squeeze too tight as long as I keep a constant tight grip at base it’s more than enough. Did it after 9 days of recovery time and it grew bigger!! I then had an epiphany, when you workout your body one needs to allow sufficient recovery time!! So now I will just do it 2 days a week. Everyone make sure to do warm wrap for 8 min. Minimum it loosens skin, and stretch after each squeeze!! When you stretch and it’s full of blood you stretch the fascia allowing more room for your cock to grow!! And only when it’s pumped up and full of blood!

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Which cock supplements

L arginine helps with protein synthesis. L arginine from Jarrow Formulas is affordable and can last for awhile, a bottle contains 100 tablets, I take 3 tablets a d, that’s a months supply right there!! :) Zinc from Solaray is also good, high dose and can last for a month. Ginkgo biloba is also good, though honestly just do intense cardio for 14 to 21 min 2 days a week, it detoxifies you and keeps your circulation going.


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