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Hornier and more staying power since starting P.E.

Hornier and more staying power since starting P.E.

I’ve noticed when I do P.E. consistently I am hornier, last longer in bed, and have an overall better sexual experience. Yesterday, I had sex twice. When I don’t do P.E., I prematurely ejaculate, don’t enjoy sex really at all, and only last 5 minutes (as opposed to 20 when doing P.E.).

For me the effect of P.E. overall is amazing. There are no other variables to consider for my improved sexual performance (e.g. such as SSRI drugs). Even if P.E. doesn’t increase your penis size, the other benefits it offers are well worth it in my opinion.

Haha I’m a little suprised to hear that it helped to that extent, but hey whatever works, congrats! Yeah I remember hearing from some smart guy about a year ago on this forum that PE trains the penis that touch doesnt mean release (ejaculation). Ever since I have been working with my dick and successfully lasting longer threw going to the PONR slowly to train it to get there slower. Yeah PE is amazing shit, I don’t know what I would do without it!

That is good information guys. Many people have said the same. I have found jelking to be good for sexual performance, while clamping can have positive or negative effects, and hanging is usually negative for me, but only requires a little rest to get back to normal. What exercises are you doing?

Horny Bastard

I concur (but not quite as dramatically!). Also (mostly) agree with mravg: jelqing, pumping and clamping are always positive for me (with respect to sex later the same day), hanging usually not.

I completely agree, I am 18years old, and normally I am not very “horny.” But after starting PE, I become aroused very easy by my girlfriend, and I am far more aggressive.

Starting over with the newbie routine on Jan. 1st, 2007.

For me pe has been heaven. Erections come back to back. Could bone five horny women in one room if i ever found myself in such a situation. Engaging in pe lets you take so much from her and gives you value for your dick :-)



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