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Honesty when posting personal details


Originally posted by CaptnHook

I've never told you guys this but I have a pretty serious heart condition. I admit the ol' ticker has been bitching at me lately. But being a heart-beat away from the top spot means a lot more than focusing on my own personal concerns


You have a good attitude about life and I don’t know how long you had this heart condition but I think I would be right in surmising that your heart condition gives you a different perspective on life that many of us don’t seem to have because it sometimes takes a dramatic life altering event or health condition to see life through a different set of lens and I know there are many young ones here that may not yet understand that but will one day and that is not to take life for granted. There is satisfaction in giving and not always taking. We never know when our time is up but as long as we are here we have the power to lead responsible and meaningful lives. In the end all of us are remembered more for the deeds we did and not for how many toys we accumulated. We are remembered for the way that we helped to improve the quality of other peoples lives. I had a thread not too long ago about how a bigger penis acts as a catalyst for other positive changes in life—to that end I can say and I think I speak for all when I say that we are glad that you are a member of this forum and we love you man! ;) Thanks for sharing!

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Dear Dick,

Tell you what: you don’t mention how I hung 15 pounds all the way to Baghdad and back the other day and I’ll ignore that little comment about you being second fiddle.

— G.W.

p.s.: Just kidding. Please don’t tell my dad.

p.p.s.: Hey Trey! How’s it hangin’ in Redmond these days?

>OK, I am such a maroon. SS4 and Cap lost me back there. What were you guys talking about? And Cap, is your ticker really acting up? I can’t tell if you are kidding, or are serious. Being a Pirate of very little brain, I just don’t follow at all.<

Well Steve,
I can’t speak for SS4/Bill but what I was trying to convey is that I am actually the Vice-President of the United States. That being said, I feel an even greater kinship with you because I see I’m not the only one on these boards who sometimes doesn’t recognize a joke when he sees one (as Bigger proved earlier today in a different thread :D …that wascal!).
And by the way- I thought “maroon” was a sacrilegious word to a pirate?

>Am I risking something bad for my 16 year old daughter by being so forthcoming? Now I am beginning to have other thoughts, and I don’t like them.<

Only you can say, and even then who knows. What I’m getting at in my case is that I see too big of a downside in me revealing myself on a penis enlargement forum. I’m sincere when I say I PERSONALLY don’t care what people think - not a whole lot at least. I still enjoy some residue of my idiotic reputation from back in the day. And that’s fine, it’s who I was.
But a lot of people suck. People can be mean, jealous, spiteful, and on and on. I’m wise enough to know there is never a shortage of ill will in the world and to usher that into the lives of those around me seems reckless.
Worse things can happen, so exposure is a very small concern of mine. But I figure why mess with it?
A person can always reveal themselves if overcome with the need. Trying to take back your anonymity won’t be as easy. PE, like the Internet is still in it’s infancy. Who knows where it will lead or how big it will get. Shit Pirate, we might be riding the PE Mayflower into history! Do I want to go down as the Captn Christopher Jones of dick enlargement?
Don’t know yet.
Stop worrying about your daughter. Her father is a pirate. She knows that, no?

You’re the best Steve

Originally posted by supersizeit
I think I speak for all when I say that we are glad that you are a member of this forum and we love you man!

You really are my brother from another mother! Jesus, I am so moved by your concern. I’m almost embarassed now to admit that I DON’T have a heart condition. Damn, you’re a saint! Thank you Super. I mean that.
And don’t worry, I know if I ever need your help all I have to do is send up the ‘Super Signal’. Works every time. Thanks, friend. Your words are beautiful. Like you.

I think Ike said it all about what I was doing in my now infamous “Bad Ticker” post. But to be clear, I am a perfectly healthy 37 year old male who easily passes for 36.

And for anyone feeling put off by all of the confusion I can explain:

This is all SS4’s fault.

Ike..I mean W,

Your fired.

I’ve said things here which I obviously wouldn’t want my wife to see. I also take standard precautions after I’ve visited here or DLD’s forums - I clearout my cookies, delete my “History” items and when I’m done, I click “Start / Settings / Control Panel / Internet Options / Clear History” (I have Win 2000 Pro, and this clears that annoying history of URLs in your browser’s address window). This just relaxes me more. >>P.S., When I’m doing the cookies I also click “Recent” then delete that as well, because if I download a particular page from the forums, it could be quickly brought up by hitting “Start / Documents” - where you’d see some questionable html title like “Jelqing Techniques” or something. And by clicking on it, the saved web page would suddenly pop up on the monitor.


But beyond that 2-minute ritual I do at the end of each PE forum session, I don’t give it any other thought. I think most guys who obsess over it are too paranoid. I could see if you’re a minister or a school teacher or some other prominent person (especially who deals with kids), but beyond that, who gives a shit?

This isn’t an “evil” forum (a hate site, some awful pornographic-rape site, or some disgusting child porn site), it’s a men’s forum dealing with a very personal issue. Women can get titty implants, botox, etc., etc. This is a cosmetic enhancement site for men.

Do I openly discuss this with others? No, but that’s not the point. I would not be mortified if somebody I knew found it, however. I’d say something like, “So, you’ve read about my gains, then?” And I’d remind them that I now have 70% more fuckbeef between my legs. :)

I dont really care if somebody I know figures out that I’m me.

There really isnt a person on the earth that could find out that I would be devastated that they found it.
I mean, if my parents or whatever found it, it’d be embarrassing but I could deal with it.

it’s not the end of the world, we are not committing any crimes here you know.

I tell all my friends I PE. I have nothing to hide about this stuff. I HIGHLY doubt I’ll see anyone from this forum in real life. Not that I’d mind, I’d love to discuss PE instead of hearing everyone here talk about the New England Patriots or NY Giants / Jets.
(American Football Teams for those outside the USA)

About clearing the history- I do that sometimes, but mostly at my college’s library. One time I was on this site and had the window opened to the screen when some foreign girl went to sit in my chair - she thought I was done with the computer. I had to pretty much run across the computer lab from where I was (talking to a friend from class) and say “no no no no I am using this”.

Nothing like a little excitement to wake you up during a boring day at school.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

I’ve told all of my close friends about PE. And all of them who use the internet regularly, I’ve told about Thunder’s. I’m not really worried about people finding out. I also post on other internet forums under the same name as I do on here.

Like Capn, I too had a “fuck it, this is who I am” attitude when I was younger (not that I am old but I am in my early 40’s). If I was in my late teens or early 20’s I would probably do the picture posting thing as well as post more personal details and even if everyone found out I wouldn’t have cared. Even now, when I cement a gain I feel like calling my buddies and saying “this shit works your not going to believe where I am at now”. I just can’t get myself to do it. I definitely admire you guys that can do it.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


Well like PirateSteve, I wasn’t so sure if you were kidding about your heart condition or not but Im relieved to know that it was just a joke.
Just a side note but a few years ago- I went to the funeral of a childhood friend who died from his heart condition at the young age of 32 (while jogging in the park)

Like you Cap I am also in top condition at age 39. ;) but I never take my good health for granted—I work at it to keep it that way.

I believe heart disease continues to be the No 1 killer in this country and it affects people of all ages but especially prevalent in people between 40 and 60—probably brought on by all the years of neglect and/or genetics. i.e. continue to eat right, exercise and take good care of yourself. Well anyway, just consider that post to be a practice drill i.e. the message is still valid and all of us that are healthy like Cap and I can count their blessings.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since



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