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YGUY is 100% is on the up and up, I have been on he forum with him for over 3 years. His gains now are also very slow so maybe your on to something with your post with the tight ligs thing.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Originally posted by wadzilla
I was not implying that you were being dishonest. I was making general observations of an overall impression. You may very well have made 3½” erect gains; I certainly don’t know otherwise. And I recognize that in any endeavor there is always the person who makes outstanding progress – far above the normative.

I was in the overall impression, so it was my job to reply. I was just showing that everyone that posts here, could be accounted for of being dishonest, including myself. Nothing is for sure I guess, we can only believe what others tell us, and choose to believe them or not. We form our own conclusions, and move on. Or we can sit down and dwell on it, but I’ve never been one to do that. What we consider possible varies from person to person. I’m not going to believe what someone else tells me, about whats possible and what not. I’ve been at this long enough to form my own conclusions. If a doctor and/or someone in the medical community was to experiment on PE for a year or two, they’re not going to tell me something that I don’t already know about PE. There were times when I was stuck at 7”, and wondering if this was all I could gain. I read some of Bib’s posts and tried hanging. I was able to make it to 8”, and I believing I could achieve it played a role in it. When you believe you can achieve something, you give yourself more hope. Without hope, you have nothing.

PS: DK, like Dino said, I’m always on the up and up. lol.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

I 100% agree with everything that has been said so far. But it also got me thinking why some are fast gainers, and why others aren’t.

But have you ever heard the saying: “Whatever you believe becomes your self fulfilling prophecy”?

I think the more we believe we can gain, we will gain. So if we believe that it is possible to gain more than 2” we will gain more than 2 inches. However if we don’t believe that more than 2 inch gain is possible, we will unintentionally sabotage our own behavior in order to make the reality consistent with our beliefs.

Have you guys ever read about the experiments in psychology that were done on self fulfilling prophecy 30-40 years ago? Have you heard of the experiment where student and teachers were made to believe that the student that were taught were geniuses, even though the student were mediocre? Well after 1 year, the students were IQ tested, and they were geniuses!

Have you heard how the Olympic athletes of the former DDR (East Germany) were hypnotized in order to perform superior ¼ century ago? And yes, DDR at one time had one of the finest Olympic athletes the world has ever seen! (because they were hypnotized)

Or you might have heard of the story where a grandma lifted a 2000lb car after that car fell on her son? I know, there is no tangible evidence for that case, and I didn’t believe it myself until I saw a similar case on Real-TV with my own eyes. I saw a guy lifting a helicopter after his friend was trapped underneath of it. The guy lifted a fucking helicopter! And I saw it on TV with my own eyes. And no, it wasn’t the incredible hulk. The guy that lifted the helicopter was an average Joe the lives across the street.

My point is that we can only achieve the unbelievable if we believe the unbelievable!

Our brain is a powerful organ. What I think happens is the more we believe huge gains are possible, the more we are likely to achieve huge gains. Because I think that we will program our brain to release growth hormones, and channel food toward our dicks that will make our dicks grow that same way it did in our puberty. (And altering our brains naturally for growth hormones is 100% scientifically possible and proven)

And what about hypnosis? I heard it worked too?

I know that it might sound nonsense, but all of my statements have tangible evidence, (except the gradma case)

Think about it,
I apologize for the long post,
And thank you,

John Schwab

one more thing,

after all, we have gained more from PE and this message board than an inch or two in dick length or girth!

We have also gained confidence, wisdom(i have leared a lot from you guys), security, esteem, and most important, we have found new FRIENDS all over the world!

so why are we still so ungrateful?

Y Guy I’m sure you are on the “up and up” in every sense of the word.

Another theory of mine is that good health and nutrition is is probably as important if not more so than even the positive outlook. I think once you get past the initial quick gains due to loosening things up, you’re body needs to be in a good state of health to actually create real growth. That may be a reason some people gain big while others don’t? Just another thought.

I would have to agree with what Wad is saying here (at least in my case)… For the time I’ve spent I’ve actually gained very little for perm size…

Originally posted by JohnSchwab909

Have you heard how the Olympic athletes of the former DDR (East Germany) were hypnotized in order to perform superior ¼ century ago? And yes, DDR at one time had one of the finest Olympic athletes the world has ever seen! (because they were hypnotized)

Nice post, I very much agree with your take on the power of belief and the human mind. Just had to point out from a basic logic point of view:

1)DDR used hypnotism as part of their olimpic teams training.

2)DDR at one time had one of the finest Olympic athletes (teams) the world has ever seen.

Does NOT mean that the DDR produced some of the finest Olympic athletes BECAUSE of hypnotism.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Ok, i have read nearly all of this thread, hopefully this hasn’t been brought up. Some people metioned the idea of a consistent measurement system. I believe this should be done. I have measured myself many different ways. A decision should be made on exactly how we measure. To explain why, I’d like you guys to try something, as this is the way my body is. Normally i measure from the top, bone pressed. Now then, if I lay down, I get a measurement of 8” even. (b.t.w. this is nearly my natural size, my gains so far have maybe been 1/4”) When I stand up and measure the same way, i get 8-1/2”, I dont change the way I measure, merely the postion. Of course, this can be extended, when I kneel, I can get my longest stretch, 9”. Anyways, the point is, try this and see for yourselves. Also, those who aren’t careful can get small errors in measurement by how you place the ruler against the pubic bone, since the bone starts to go in, one can measure deeper in yourself. Well, I hope this have been a little thought provoking. Maybe a standard measuring system should be made, so that no one puts up false info, and no one cheats themselves. It could simply be top of shaft bone pressed, standing up, as for the pubic bone issue, I’m not sure. Well, any ideas?

I first started pe last march I believe. If I’m right I gained about .5 before I hurt myself and stopped. I followed the board and started to read more and more about measuring mishaps and realized some of the gains if not all could be accounted for not measuring correctly. I didn’t take any pictures when I started because I am ashamed of my weight and I do not care for the world to see me naked. However, I am just like you and also found it very strange to see people making huge gains and coincidentally none have pics to back it up. None. Not one person can substantiate it. It does make it hard to believe all this can happen. I know it can though. I don’t know what gives me that ” I just know feeling” but I just know. Well, I’m going to take before and after pictures, bone pressed naked they will be very clear and leave no doubt as to my size gains if I make any at all. I will only post them If I gain. I would love to be able to show all the world, all the urologists, all the naysayers, and want to be big dick makers that I did it and can prove it.

Originally posted by eddro
I know it can though. I don't know what gives me that ” I just know feeling” but I just know.

Welcome to Thunder’s Church of PE eddro. Your faith has set you free! Big Penis Paradise awaits your ascendance eddro…

"In an honest Service there is thin Commons, low Wages, and hard labour; in this (Piracy), Plenty and Society, Pleasure and Ease, Liberty and Power; and who would not balance Creditor on this side when all the Hazard that is run for it, at worst, is only a sour Look or two at choaking. No, A merry Life and a short one, shall be my Motto."--Bartholomew Roberts

I’d read this thread from beginning till now. And while I understand what you are getting at Wad, there are members here who for one reason (usually professional) or another do not feel comfortable posting pictures of their penis or any other part of themselves. We must respect that, we need to also have a bit of trust and faith that what they are saying is the truth.

Bib is/was a big gainer, but he hasn’t posted a pic, nor do I think he will. We simply have to believe him. Uli was another big gainer years back and left because people hounded him for a pic that he didn’t want to post. Phat9 is another one with a huge dick, but he won’t post pics.

Just because they won’t post a pic, doesn’t mean they don’t have what they say they do. Somewhere along the line, we must have faith and trust here. I can’t, nor do I want to, believe that a member here who says they have gained, especially if it is over a period of time (more than a year) would fabricate the story.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Wad; The smallest measurement I ever had was about 17cm (FLBPS). I can now get just under 25cm. That is a difference of 8cm, or just over 3”.

Of course, when I took that original measurement, I was about 13 years old. And I am now on my way to being 21 later on this year. So I am a special case. I can tell you the difference in size, but I can’t say (even to myself) just how much PE contributed to that increase.

In reference to not supplying pics in the beginning, and all the way through, to prove, wtf?

I mean, first of all, if I even had a digital camera back then, I would not have been allowed to post on the forums for another 5 years. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t get an internet connection at home consistently until I was about 15 (And I still wouldn’t be allowed on board for another 3 years…).

In the time I’ve actually been on board, I think I’ve gained maybe 0.75”. (Don’t quote me on that number though). And I only just recently got a camera..

I think it would take a very special kind of troll to claim he gained 3” over 7 years, who actually was born with the latter measurement. Why bother???
To me, and I’m sure alot of other people around, that would be an ultimate form of sadness.

For reference, I am not planning to start up a paysite soon.

>>>I saw a guy lifting a helicopter after his friend was trapped underneath of it.

Dude, I reckon that our everyday movements and exertions are filtered by a mental limitation that restricts injury. For example, would you risk breaking bones, tearing up shitloads of muscles/ligaments etc, to lift a heavy ass refrigerator? No way! Subconsciously or consciously, the decision would be made to just stop trying after a certain point.

But, if your kid is stuck underneath it, those automatic, subconscious mental restrictions get put on hold, and you can use the full potential of your strength, which I believe is much greater if you aren’t afraid of getting hurt.

Did anybody see Ghost in the Shell? When the Cyborg chick starts to try and pull open the hatch of the big spider tank? She pulls so hard all her muscles break and her arm rips off…. same kind of deal. Sort of stupid of her, but she really wanted to rip open that tank! :D


There are many legitimate reasons why some of us don’t want our dick pics published on the net, Wad; chief among them a certain shyness about sharing our dicks with people we are not having sex with.

I read Size’s Data Pages from time to time. Listed there are the stats of many guys I trust, who have become close cyber friends and in some cases real-life friends of mine through Thunders. I see no reason for them to inflate their dimensions.

It happens. For sure. And we can tell generally when a boast is exaggerated. But I’d wager that most of the reports are accurate within the normal range of measurement error.

Besides, most of us are doing this just for ourselves so what’s the “gain” in lying?




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