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Homemade ADS . . .

Homemade ADS . . .

Hey guys … been quite a while. Don’t know if you remember, but I was doing a penimaster routine some time ago. The problem was that I could not adequately conceal the device…
… well i’ve been reinspired by westsidetoni’s incredible progress and decided that I have to use an ads of better design that can be concealed.

my design is as simple as can be imagined - totally inconspicuous - has elastic tensioning - and can achieve tensions in excess of 2.5 lbs (1,134 gm) (that is the tension i use)… parts are as follows …

1) 3 small s-hooks
2) high strength double-sided velcro tape
3) soft cotton wrap
4) elastic medical wrap
5) a wide leather belt
6) 2 medium width (1/4 inch thick, or so) rubber bands
7) 1 2.5 lb weight (for calibration)

First, hang the 2.5 lb weight from the 2 rubber bands and measure the length of the stretched bands. For example, mine are 9.5 inches stretched by 2.5 lbs and that is the length I want to achieve while on the device. (check this again periodically as the rubber bands do stretch out)

Second, “hook” 2 of the small s-hooks into the velco tape (pierce the tape to make small holes near the center) , spaced so that they will be approximately in either side of the penis when wrapped (use quite a bit of tape - mine is maybe 7 inches in length with the hooks toward one end.)

Third, wrap the penis with the cotton wrap behind the head, in a similar way you would if you were using a penimaster with the cotton wrap. Then wrap with the elastic tape over that. And finally wrap with the velcro tape, placing the hooks at either side of the penis.

Fourth, put the third hook into a belthole in the belt. put the belt on around you waist so that it is under clothing. position the hook so that it is around your hip to one side.

Fifth, hook the wrapped penis to the belt with the rubber bands, measuring the length that the rubber bands are stretched to match the calibration with the weight (ie - for me it was 9.5in the first time i calibrated). make sure that the rubber bands are evenly stretched (just tug them from the center-point to assure even tension.

Get dressed and go out!. check sensation every so often . like any ADS, should be periodically released and reapplied.

Obviously, this method pulls the penis to one side. My penis bends just slightly left so I am tensioning to the right hip. Eventually if it straightens out I will switch periodically to the left side.

As a side-note, I have a strong suspicion that combining a manual routine (to begin the day) with long term stretching might make a big difference. I’m also a proponent of the UV lamp theory - heating the penis to promote collagen elasticity.


yes IR lamp lol. sorry about that… no need to tan my member … already too dark. lol.


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