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Holy !!!!!

Holy !!!!!

My girl was over and we watched that movie phone booth( good movie), and then we had sex. We had a conversation for a bit then she said she was going home. So she went down stairs and was bout to leave, and i pulled out my penimaster and ruler and was in the process of measuring my penis when all the sudden my door came open. There she was standing there with the door wide open. I got up and walked towards the door with my penimaster and ruler in hand and she asked my what i was doing. I said i was just checking something out. She said whatever size it is ” I still love you”. She didnt even ask what the penimaster was for. Then she took off and went home. Man im glad she didnt know what i was really up 2.

By the way I do not believe in the penimaster Anymore. I have wore this thing for 126 days and over 600 hours and i dont believe that i have made any gains so to speak. Any body want to buy it. It comes with extra parts.

slim pee p

Originally posted by ThunderSS
“up 2” ??????

oops can’t fix that spelling error.

slim pee p

There’s not a worse feeling than being unexpectedly surprised when the other half suddenly barges in unannounced! Then you have to quickly think of a reasonable answer that would satisfy them.

Well, it is good to know that everything worked out okay here! :up:

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

We don’t know much about your woman, but I get the feeling she’s a keeper.

Originally posted by wannabeseven

We don't know much about your woman, but I get the feeling she's a keeper.

Yeah we have been going out for almost three years, id say she is a keeper.

slim pee p

I told my woman right away I was starting penis enlargement. She doesn’t really care, but she thought it was a bit weird at first. She said I didn’t need to, and that she’s happy with the size of my dick, but that didn’t stop me. I think the fact that she knows I do penis enlargement is good for the relationship because it’s not a barrier between us. The less secrets etc the better in my opinion. Food for thought.

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