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Holy Crap I've Grown


Very nice! Just don’t hand me the Tivo remote!

Congrat pabs!!!

Can you tell us what your starting stats were.



Start 15 April 2004 EL BP 15.7 (6.18) EG 11.5 (4.52) FL 8.3 (3.26) FG 9 (3.54)

Dude, Now you can pause live f*cking and even replay!

Lol ill be sure to disinfected it but your right !.

Not really sure what my starting stats we’re as I have unwittingly been doing erect bends for years by lying on it or putting it under my leg cos I like the pain.

Starting pe formally 8mos ago or whenever, about 2 mos before my join date here 8.125 x 6.

I have a dim recollection 10+ years ago it was maybe 7.75 long and something under 6 but not by much.

I think I am proof that pe works, no easy gains for me from youth or inactivity, the years of bends conditioned it tremendously which should make gains hard and it has, but I still have gains, I don’t know when they will stop but I’ll keep going.

The 1st thing I noticed with pe we’re harder fitter erections
I think the guys that expect fast gains just set themselves up for a fall, I see pe as a lifestyle item just like hitting the gym or brushing my teeth, also it’s masturbation I enjoy it.

I never used to think of flaccid hang but I’ve noticed in the last few months that it is darn big when I take it out at a restroom know, what a bonus

If I could get this pup to 9” in the next couple of years I would be thrilled, that would put in the 1 in a 1000 or more, and wherever the girth winds up is fine, prob 6.5” I would estimate
I have to say although the gains aren’t much it’s always a shock when I see it full on hard in a chicks hand or mouth, I very much notice the increase.

It was my birthday yesterday and I asked my girlie to to crawl on her hands and knees over to me (sitting on the edge of the couch) and blow me with not hands
After I came I stayed hard (uhm thank you viagra this was also after 2 solid hours in the bedroom hehe :) ) and I lay back on the couch and she bent it down erect and rested her head on it like a pillow, she said ” it’s like taking a nap on a tree limb”
Afterward I was sitting there with a plumped flaccid hang and said to her, “you should hang of it some more and see if it’ll touch the ground,” the couch is low and it was about half way there, she said. “God no, it shouldn’t be any longer”.

I may start hanging regardless.

God, it’s so worth peing to hear those comments, so alight now everybody tug !


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I have seen good gains too, and I have only have been PEing

For a short time.

--------------------- December '05 Starting Bpel: 6.125" Starting Eg: 5.75" --------------------- Current Bpel: 6.25" Current Eg: 6.00" --------------------- Goal Bpel: 8" Goal Eg: 6.5" --------------------- Can you say pop can dick? Serenity now...insanity later.....

Gah, congrats man. The first gains I noticed were flaccid and woah, were they surprising. It’s a pleasure to be able to have to reach deep to pull it out instead of just opening a hole to let it go out. Anyway, best of luck to you.


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