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Holding stretches

Holding stretches

How long do you guys hold your stretches? I’m curious if there’s a correlation between duration and gains. I’ve lately been holding mine for 1 minute.

A minute isnt bad, thats about how long I hold mine as well.

I try to hold as long as necessary for the tissue to relax. The stronger I stretch, the longer it takes until the tissue relaxes, vice-versa.

I guess on average my stretches are around 30 seconds, but it is just a guess.


I usually go 20-30 seconds depending on the pain I feel in my glans. Too much pressure and I’ll let go. Sometimes though I hit that perfect stretch where my grip is perfect and I go a lot longer, like a minute or two. Those perfect stretches are a great feeling.

2 stretches, 4 minutes each, twice per day.

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I stretch 30 seconds one way and then the other. And then I do it again for 60 seconds total each side.


I do 1 minute in 5 different directions—SO, SD, SU, to the left, and to the right. I do this twice for a total of about 10 minutes (not counting small breaks)

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This is the manual stretch I do most of the time: BTC stretch variation needs beta testers

I hold it for a long time, sometimes for an entire episode of The Daily Show. I yank at varying intensities when I remember to, or when I’m laughing at something and my abdominal muscles flex naturally.

I hold as long as I can with my right hand then I switch to my left and go until my left hand hurts. As soon as I feel pain in the thumb/palm area I switch because I try to go for 20 minutes total. Baby powder is my buddy.

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