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Hi everybody, yeah I was just wondering if you guys could help me out. Well I’ve heard a lot about these cock rings, and although I have never used one or seen one, I have a rough idea of how they work…and that is by restricting the blood loss from the penis to help it stay engorged, so I was just wondering if, I wore a condom, that was fairly tighter than usual, would this have the same benefits as a cock-ring?

Thanks a lot,
Scratch :up:

Not unless it was only tight at the base of your dick:)

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Well, it is tightER at the base of my dick, because it’s a good half inch bigger! So do you think it will have cock-ring benefits, or should I just stick to normal fitting condoms and seek out a cock-ring?

Probably the latter - if you wear a tighter condom, it will dramatically reduce your sensitivity and will restrict the entire penis. I doubt the latex thickness at the base of most condoms would be enough to act in a similar fashion to a cockring.

In summation, try a regular condom and a jelly ring..:up:

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